Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Animal Wednesday / Josje step 3

Josje is born in 2011, so the next step is the ring with  the 2.
The color which represents 2 is orange. For this ring I chose 2 orange cats.

Cats stand for deep understanding in this natural world. Cats are very treasured animals, due to their beauty and gracefullness, they were once worshiped as a God, a female God named Bastet.
People do not seem to realize the depth of the cats' knowledge because of their fear for them. Cats are very loving creatures, they know their master's emotion by sensing and examining them, they seem to be very watchful too.

Symbol of independence, energy, mystery, pride, confidence, love, happiness and comfort. Among animals, the cat is the most important emblem of beauty and grace. In India, the cat symbolizes a spiritual dimension and bliss.



  1. I just love all your wonderful explanations.
    What a beauty.


  2. incredible drawing marianne! my gosh, you amaze me. i love the cat family too, especially the big ones, lions and leopards! i agree with teri, your explantions are wonderful. thank you.

  3. I love the two regal cats posed on this piece - they are beautiful. My favorites are orange tabby and calico (don't tell Sjimmie - he's beautiful too!)

  4. i blew it up marianne just to marvel at your talent. the cats are so well done xoxo josie is a lucky little girl.

    someday will you do a mandala class in provincetown and we will all come? ♥ & :^)

  5. i love the addition of the cats. thanks for the info too. i love cats.

  6. Wow marianne!! The cats are so lifelike! And the flower is stunning. This is going to be another beauty!


  7. Have I told you how much I enjoy your *tutoring* us on-line...yes? Well, I am telling you again! Ha-ha! For a non-drawer, this has really opened my eyes and allowed me to look deeper at all of your mandalas.

    This one is beautiful....and the Orange Cats are so magical! (Although I am sure "PoD" would NOT agree...*my* own fearal,
    "Mr. Orange" would be thrilled!)

    I love all of your history reagrding the images... Bastet has always been of my favourite Egyptian Deities!

    This is going to be a treasured work for Josje and family!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. What a wonderful job you did on this. That cat is so real looking.

  9. Loving this one Marianne, the green eyes work so well with the oranges...look forward to seeing it finished.


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