Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Cactus Monday!

I have no idea if this is a succulent or cactus and what it's name is......
I got it from my tennis friend Christine who gave this in a container with other plants.
One of my cats thought it was cat grass and destroyed the other plants. He/she even bit off the tips of these leaves!
I saved it and now it is blooming. Wow, how special after all this poor plant has been through.
But that is the amazing thing about cacti they are expert survivors. They also survive my care of plants and the attacks of my cats.

I have been on school camp last week.That's why I was not around. It was fun but my........I came home exhausted.
(picture from the internet)
I have been sleeping a lot this weekend. 
I am still tired, but I still have one week of summer holiday before I fly to Panama Sunday.
So I hope to catch up some sleep and do some blog visits too. I am behind with everything it seems.
Hope you are all doing fine and see you all soon.

Happy Cactus Monday!

To see who else has cactus fun to share visit Teri, our chief cactuteer ;)


  1. Yes, those cactus are really survivors. I am not sure what you have either but I have seen them before.

    The pix of that sleeping lion is hysterical!!!

    Rest up Marianne.


  2. HCM to you too! That is a type of Haworthia. Can't tell exactly what kind but I am sure of that. And that is one sleepy kitty! Wonderful shot!

  3. It is amazing that your cat didn't get sick Marianne. Cats are as resilient as cacti. HCM.

  4. Your succulent sure looks like a Haworthia fasciata, from Cape Province, South Africa.

    Oh...this reminds me...have you ever been to the Canary Islands??? The aeoniums grow wild there...I would love to see that one day!

    I hope you can have a restful next week off. You need it after being at a school camp!

    Happy Cactus/Succulent Monday!!!

  5. hi marianne!
    happy happy cactus monday! :)

    how fun that you got to go to camp!
    what fun things did you do?

    a & m

  6. dear marianne i do hope you get the rest you need (lions really do know how to take time for themselves!)

    happy cactus monday, your plant looks very familiar, and so healthy!

  7. I've seen that plant, but I don't know its name. I love the pattern on its leaves. And the cat has the right idea. ;)) Rest up! xo Pam

  8. Cacti are very hardy. It's the only thing that stays alive in my house! I keep forgetting to water my plants. Have a great rest and a great trip to Panama.

  9. So wonderful that this plant survived!
    Love the lion photo.
    Have a great rest up before work.

  10. Hello dear Zuster! I had no luck at all trying to comment yesterday....we'll see how it goes now!

    I love your cactus! I have never seen one like will be a nice addition to your Cacti Menagerie! I wonder if it blooms....

    The "sleeping lion"..... hysterical! I have spent a few days in "that mode" too... it felt good! You were a great Mum to be there for der "Wunderkind" and his mates at Camp!

    I KNOW though, you are excited about your net trip! ("Touch Trolley, Touch Galley"!!!)

    Tonight - "The Ring" officialy opens!

    Love to all.... (especially those Deer!!!!)...and of course an extra kuss to "PoD"!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. It worked! it Worked!!!! Hooray!

    ♥ R ♥

  12. do rest up before your next trip.

  13. You give so much love to all living things, it's no wonder it came back.

    I love that sleepy Leonine Lioness ;) I feel the same way lately!

    Panama??? I miss you already!

    I mailed a package to you today. I lied about the contents so you won't know what's really in it!!

    Have a wonderful evening.



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