Saturday, June 25, 2011

Josje step 6

The back ground color is green the color which belongs to number 4.
Her life path number added with the number of her zodiac sign 3 + 10 (Capricorn) = 4

This number is important because it's traits will help you to reach your goals and learn your lessons in life.
To stick to the rules, hard working  and discipline will help you in this. The number 4 will appear later in your life so eventually it will be easier for you.

Tomorrow I will show you what became of the yellow clouds I only sketched them so far as they will overlap the green a little and I have learned it is better to paint the background before instead of working around a design.

Today it has been raining all day...... Good for the grass and all the green ;)
My deer are due any moment so I hope they will get their babies tomorrow. They always give birth around Fathers day so that was one week ago. Tomorrow will be a sunny day.
I really hope they will before I go away next Saturday. And I hope they will do it on a dry sunny day, but who am I? Nature will just do what is best I suppose.............
Hope you will all enjoy a wonderful weekend!!!!


  1. I learn something every day from you - today I found out my life path number is 3 and I read all about it yesterday, so now I must figure out what my color is ;-)

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Looking good!!!

    I hope your deer gives birth tomorrow too...or at least before you have to leave! It would be so sad if you had to miss that! My fingers are crossed!

  3. This is a beauty Marianne! The colors are so nice together. Her numbers are making magic :)

    I'll hope the deer have a nice sunny day for their delivery. Take pictures!



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