Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

When I heard this song a while ago I had to cry and think of a picture I knew I had.
Last Wednesday I searched the attic and finally found it.
So happy with it.
I hope that  your Dad  is the best Dad in the world. If he is not around anymore I hope you will cherish beautiful memories just like I do. 
I still miss my dad....................

Happy Father's Day!

PS . This picture was taken last Friday, when Germain, Marinka (Germain's sister from Paris)and I visited Myrthe (Germain's daughter) and Josje (Joséphine)


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your Father - and to Father's everywhere. My beloved Dad has been gone for 18 years now..... and I miss him so much.

    I love your Family Photo.....

    Safe travels today!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. P.S. Your Father DOES resemble Danny Kaye! So happy we took that photo in Hollywood!

    ♥ R ♥

  3. Snik,miss Him tooooooo sweetie he was sooooo special....
    xx MAR

  4. What a treasured photo. I too had a great dad and miss him each day. A great photo at the bottom of your post!

  5. Oh yes. I can't hear that song without tearing up. I lost my dad when I was 30 and I still miss him sorely. I used to stand on his feet while we danced. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there.

  6. Those are beautiful pics, Marianne!!! I have the best memories of my Dad too. How lucky for us to have had two of the best Dads!!!!! Hope your day was the best!!!

  7. I have not visited your blog in ages, but you came to mind today when a new follower talked about the love Mike and I shared and I saw your comment from way back then and just wanted you to know how loving your Fathers Day post was...Love is all we need...

  8. Hi Robin, yes I am glad too we took that picture! I will never forget our trip. and yes He DOES doesn't he?

    ja Mar gelukkig heb je je Pa nog. Make every moment count!

    Thanks AU, it was taken last Friday when my husband his sister and I visited his daughther and her little girl Josje.

    O yes Katie we danced like that too. thanks for bringing back that memory :)

    Yes Julie we are fortunate.

    So true Teri, How nice to see you again:)

  9. Such great memories of your father. I'm fortunate that I still have mine - we've never danced (my family doesn't dance!) but I've enjoyed lots of outdoor activities with him and have great memories of camping and fishing!

  10. Yes, I see Danny Kaye. :)

    I can't listen to that song without crying. I used to stand on my dad's feet and he dance me around the room. I try to hang onto the few good memories of him.

    I love that photo of you!


  11. this is so beautiful marianne, i'm glad you have such sweet memories. you are very lucky.

    safe travels,


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