Monday, August 8, 2011

3 in a row...........Happy Birthday KJ!

Happy Birthday KJ!!!!
Make sure you pop by KJ to make her birthday special;)

Another oldie from last year.At this moment I am still not creating anything new. I have been painting walls instead of canvasses :) 
Felix' room is finished and I cleaned the whole floor , what a mess I had . But now all is ready and clean.
Tomorrow I am off to Paramaribo where I will just relax and enjoy the sunny weather and the friendly people over there.
After that I will travel to Italy with Felix.
So another 2 busy weeks. 
Lars is home again and he thoroughly enjoyed his trip to Sweden. Today it's back to work for him again. He has a holiday job at a supermarket.
The kids still have 3 weeks of summer holiday.

Have a wonderful week
and Happy Birthday KJ


  1. Italy for three weeks sounds wonderful! But what a busy summer it has been for us all.

    Lovely happy birthday to ms KJ!

  2. Happy Birthday KJ. I hope you get to enjoy some of your summer. You are definitely on a fast track.

  3. sounds like a lot of work and fun for you this summer. have a good trip.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday, KJ!
    Many more years to come.

    From Cassy of Play Electric Guitar

  5. you are so sweet marianne! and YES, a very happy birthday to kj!

  6. That Mandala is very beautiful - I was admiring it on FB earlier. I'm glad you got your Felix's room finished, that must've burned a few calories LOL
    Glad you get to relax tomorrow, so enjoy your 3 weeks left of summer vacation and say hello to Italy for me - I've never been :-) Take care and safe travels, my friend!
    p.s. the kitties are full and content! I ordered my first installment last week and was pleasantly surprised as it covered tax and shipping as well ;-)

    Bis spaeter! Tschuess!
    Doris und Gizzy (hug)

  7. Well being busy "?like that.....Paramaribo....ITaly with Felix to me that sounds"Lovely and Blessed ;))
    xxx Mar(BTW I,m not busy at all,Also very blessed ;))

  8. oh my gosh marianne!
    it is absolutely gorgeous!
    happy monday!

  9. Lovely birthday Mandala for KJ.

    Happy Birthday KJ!

  10. Ek hoop dat al jou druk is nou verby en dat jy lekker gaan rus. liefs en soentjies altyd. Ek hoop dat ons nogtans dat ons eendag mekaar gaan ontmoet!

  11. this birthday mandala hangs in my front hall and shines a light on me every time i pass it. it is one of my treasures in life, given to me in provincetown by a most dear friend who had come a long way.

    thank you always marianne. i love you.

    italy? ????! lucky lucky you.


  12. What a gift. So beautiful and so full of love!

  13. Old or new, it is always a treat to view your beautiful work. Hope all is well with you and the family... and that the wall painting is almost complete! :)


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