Monday, August 29, 2011

Cactus Monday

Remember I showed you this cactus in bloom a while ago?
Meanwhile these flowers are gone
 But when I moved it out of the kitchen yesterday I discovered
This tiny new plant!
Without the clip which prevented the flower from falling down this little  plant would have landed on the soil....... What an ingenious system :) 
 This was my kitchen before the builders started this morning.
This is end of day 1..................
You don't want to see the rest of my house now. Mess everywhere.
Tomorrow I will leave for Toronto leaving poor hubby in this mess. 
Yesterday I cooked for 3 weeks and we still have a coffee machine and a microwave.
At least they won't be hungry.........

Thinking about you all at the East Coast! Hope you are all safe and that Irene won't ruin your home or garden or hurt your loved ones.

Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. That is the way to deal with remodeling...just leave. Ha.. lucky you. I hope it is mostly back together when you return. They guys will probably like the idea of eating out a lot. Your little cactus is great. Love the little plant. Have a good trip.

  2. cooked for three weeks! what a good mom you are.

    out of the chaos will come beauty, although your old kitchen looks pretty nice to me.

    have a good trip.

  3. omigod, I'd leave too if my kitchen looked like that! LOL
    Hope it will be done when you get home. But feel sorry for the family who has to live that way in the meantime.

    Pretty little bloom on your cactus plant. Sweet. HCM

  4. Your *Boys* will be ok *fending* for themselves....with 3 weeks of food, they will do just fine! (Hope they remember to feed the Furry Ones!)

    Love the cactus....

    Safe flight, dear Zuster.... *touch trolley*, *touch galley*!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Your timing is impeccable. :)) But it was nice of you to cook for the family before leaving. I hope it gets done on schedule.

  6. Hi Marianne!!!! how exciting to be redoing your kitchen!!!! you can come eat with us!!!! love these photos too.....Have fun with the reno!!!! I guess no dishes for you too....or cleaning up in the kitchen!!!!

  7. Great timing Marianne!! Course all that cooking before was lots of work and you need to be gone. What a great kitchen you will have when you return.


  8. Marianne, you are the most traveling person I know ... a real jet setter - intercontinental - I want your life!

    Hope the kitchen will be done by the time you get back. One of my friends in Germany is having hers redone too... I miss having a big kitchen. It's not much fun for me to cook in confined spaces, but then, it's just me now and the boy and baking Christmas cookies is probably the biggest event my kitchen ever sees LOL

    Have a safe trip and God's speed!

    With Love,
    Doris and Gizzy (hugs)

    p.s. will Felix be at home with his dad?

  9. marianne, it's me, emily. you are still my best friend.

    yours truly,

  10. hello marianne, i love before and afters, i love kitchen remodels. i'm sure you agree that it is well worth three weeks of cooking to avoid the mess and dust. smart woman you are :^)

    but i knew that a long long time ago.


  11. Just pray it all gets done before you get back! My experience with cooking in advance is that much of it gets left in the freezer and many pizzas are consumed! Hope your little plant grows well! Safe trip!

  12. Wow! I would say you are the smartest woman on earth to pre-plan that one! I hope it's all done when you get home and you can step into a new kitchen.

  13. 3 weeks worth fo cooking?! That is a whole lot of cooking! But sounds like a fun challange!
    Would also like to say the photographs are awesome!

  14. who is mystery guy????? ;)

    I can't believe how your kitchen looks now. I hope when you come back from beautiful Canada that your kitchen will look better. I'm excited for you that it is happening thoug!

    I love the miracle plant. Mother Nature is wonderful!

    miss you!


  15. Holy Moly, Marianne! I cannot imagine living through a kitchen renovation. Of course you won't be there. I can't wait to see the finished product.

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  17. hi marianne!

    oh how exciting!

    we cannot wait to see your new kitchen when it is done!!!

    your cactus and kitchen are remaking themselves together!

    tee hee!

  18. My God are the toughest chick I know...just like an Energizer Bunny!!! Can't wait to see your new kitchen...very exciting!!!

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