Friday, August 12, 2011

Greetings from Paramaribo

I returned today from Paramaribo
 Here are some pictures of the town
 Unfortunately some of the buildings are in poor shape
 But I loved this one : De Waag
 I enjoyed a cappuccino and some shade here.............
 The Suriname river 
 All pictures taken with mobile phone..... 
 This afternoon I returned home and tomorrow I will travel to Italy 
 with my son Felix for 5 days
 I will take my Nikon with me this time

Have to start unpacking and packing. Am I crazy?????? Think so!
Had a good time in Paramaribo. I love the country, I love the people.
From nasi and sateh I am flying to pizza's and pastas.
What a life! Sometimes life is good:)


  1. You know I love traveling along with you in your "back pocket"...:)

    What a lovely trip for Felix...enjoy every sight you see and every morsel you taste!


  2. Yes, life is VERY good. I love when you share your travels.

  3. Marianne, I'm not sure where paramibo is? But it looks nice, an island somewhere in the Atlantic? I love all the travel you do, your life sounds very exciting!

  4. wow - I have no idea where you were! but Italy - now that's great!!!

  5. How wonderful to get to see all of these exotic places. Thanks for taking us along. Have fun in Italy.

  6. I hope I caught you before leaving for Italy!!!
    I know you and Felix will have a wonderful time!! I want lots of pictures :)

    Ciao Bella!!


  7. i found it, south america! wow, i learned so much, it was a dutch trading post. and now a world heritage site. did it feel familiar to you with the netherland connection?

    i want to learn more now, i'm grateful to you marianne for sharing this with us. you amaze me so much with the travel you do, and how you include your children too. i also kind of wish i had a job like yours!

    have fun in italy!!

  8. unpacking so you can pack: hahaha! i know about that!

    marianne. this looks like a poor country? i love that you love the culture and people. i imagine you are given earnest smiles. i now want also to see where it is in south america.

    italy with felix: what a treasure for both of you. italy is my favorite country so far in my travels. i love the absence of angst. and i love the pasta.

    enjoy your time there, marianne. i am glad to know felix will get to enjoy this with you.


  9. what an interesting place. don't you wish sometimes that you could just stand still for a while?

  10. Wherever in the world is Paramaribo? It looks interesting. You do get to travel to exotic places. How fun.

  11. hi everyone!
    Suriname is a former colony of the Netherlands in South America.
    Greetings from Italy having icecream and capuccino in an internet bar......

    love M

  12. Dat ziet er goed uit!
    Nasi/sateh of pizza/pasta... hoe laat kan ik aanschuiven?


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