Saturday, August 6, 2011


Lars 06/08/1994

 My son Lars is turning 17 today.
He will celebrate his birthday  tonight at a party with more than 30.000 scouts from all over the world in Rinkaby Sweden. He has packed and is ready to go.  The closing ceremony will be tonight. After that they will travel home by bus. Tomorrow at 17.00 I can finally hug him again.
1937 World Jamboree in the Netherlands
My Dad (Lars) as a scout .
He looks a lot like my Lars. How I wish he could have witnessed his grandson going to the World Jamboree in his home country Sweden.. But somehow I think he does. He was so proud that his grandson enjoyed scouting as much  as he did when he was young.
My boys. Lars and Felix.

Happy birthday sweetheart♥


  1. I just knew this mandala was for a prince and it was, Lars. I bet you have missed him. Happy Birthday Lars.

  2. pretty cool to celebrate with 30,000 others. Happy day to Lars and to you his Mom. That is cool he is carrying on a tradition in the family.

  3. aaaaaaah! ♥ to a wonderful son, his wonderful brother, and his wonderful Mother. what a great experience, and to be following the path of your own father. wow marianne.


  4. Lars,will not like it,but a big huge hug from me ;))(present will follow)..17 what a wonderful age ;))...
    Well i know for sure Lars Sr'.enjoys it on his golden cloud....
    Birthdaykisses to You and Germain to ,Lars is a special Boy be proud,xxxMar(you won't believe it my wordverification is bachies(kiss)

  5. happy happy birthday lars!
    your family is so beautiful marianne!

  6. They have changed so much, I can't believe he is now 17, very happy birthday Lars.

  7. Oooh,,,,,I think I see Lars in the group shot....sixth row on the left! (Just kidding..)

    He is a handsome boy - like his Mum and Dad...and his grandfather!
    You are blessed with two really wonderful young men!

    And I ADORE his Mandala..... it's magical and gorgeous!

    I know you have missed him and Sunday will be the sweetest of reunions!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. happy birthday a day late Lars!! You are a grown man now :)

    I love the picture of your dad marianne, and I love Marja's comment about him watching from his golden cloud! So sweet.

    Happy reunion!!


    P.S. Thanks for making my birthday so special!

  9. what a sweet post and beautiful photos, your family is just gorgeous.

    happy birthday to lars (my greatgrandfather from norway's name too!)

    and such a mandala, marianne, you are amazing.


  10. Happy Birthday, Lars. My hubby was a scout, as was his whole family. It's a great organization. Give him a hug for me too!

  11. Happy Birthday Lars!
    He is a very good looking handsome boy.


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