Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Animal Wednesday / Art on Wednesday

 Last year I started this painting on my Wednesday art class
 Something completely different than I am used to paint.
I studied pictures, clouds and worked without color!!!!
 I started painting the skyline of Rotterdam
The city where I was born and raised
 Can't tell you what a struggle those clouds were

But I managed to get them to my satisfaction
And this is the result: the skyline of my hometown
(120 x 30 cm /  47,2 x 11,8")
And here are Mrs. Jobse and Guus two of the three dogs who are always there on Wednesday.

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. This is a beautiful painting Marianne. You are full of surprises. WOW These clouds are fabulous. It is nice that the dogs can come to class. HAW.

  2. This is OUTSTANDING!!! Wow. I am so impressed. So different than anything I have seen of yours before...I hope you continue to go in this direction. I love your mandalas and this too big time.

  3. It's a dream, it's wonderful and terrific and more. I love the clouds...always have loved that painting and now that you have added the city - it's outstanding. one of my goals is to paint clouds - I like your idea of only using B&W - this is just gorgeous.

  4. I LOVE CLOUDS! Love to look at them, take photos of them, tell others to look at them :-D and paint them!!!! This is beautiful! Now the skyline....that's something I have not ever attempted. Thanks for sharing this piece and congrats on finishing it up - so beautifully!

  5. Oh my goodness. That is AWESOME! It looks like a photo its so real looking.

  6. I remember your starting these clouds.... they truly are magical - and real looking. Now, with the Cityscape's stunning...

    I love it!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. It's beautiful! I'm so used to your mandalas that I didn't realize you painted in other forms. Isn't it fun to do something different than you normally do? I so much enjoyed the collage I made for the recycle show.

  8. Holy Smokes, Marianne! This is so beautiful and so BIG! I would never attempt to do something of this scale but you did it marvelously! I enlarged and stared at each and every little thing. Very nice.

  9. That's some painting!! Congrats Marianne, you should be very proud of yourself!

  10. Awesome painting! Finally finished! Yahoo and so happy for you Marianne!


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