Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Animal Wednesday / Art on Wednesday

This is as far as I got today. Still a long way to go.......
I am not content with the shape of the rock in the front. 
A hermit crab has shown up and do you see Mrs Jobse looking out the window of Martin's studio?
So a perfect shot for Animal Wednesday I hope.

Came home yesterday after a sunny trip to Panama.
Tomorrow we will work on the shed moving things and bringing a few loads to the scrap yard.
Hope my DH will wake up tomorrow in a "throw away mood". I know I will .

In between I hope to visit some blogs :)
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Your painting is coming along. Love the hermit crab. Dont you just love it when something just shows up in a painting. Even if it is planned its like a little surprise. :) Your puppy looking out the window is adorable. Have fun tossing tomorrow. I love getting rid of STUFF sitting around taking up space. That Studio is going to be done soon. :)) HAW

    1. Yes the hermit was planned Cris. Still it popped up yesterday
      I hope it will stop reining today but nothing will stop me ;)
      Just like you I love getting rid of stuff you don't need and seeing space and order in return (for as long as it takes)

  2. Dear Zuster.... I adore this new work...the water, the rock, especially Mr. Crab! I can almost smell the salty air!

    Isn't is a good feeling to *clean and clear out* thingies I am trying to do it as's good for the house, the drawers - and for the soul! I'm happy you will be *home* for a bit now.... we'll talk soon! My knee is REALLY beginning to feel better!

    Love to you and all the family....and...yes, special kisses for my beloved *PoD*.... he must be getting a bit jealous of little Baron's attention! A-ha-ha!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. the colors in your painting a just beautiful and fill me with longing for the shoreline.

    have fun clearing out and moving things about. that studio space is longing to be free and open.

  4. Your painting already looks beautiful!

    Love the new look on your blog. You are just remodeling everything !

  5. How lovely! And your blog background is fab!

  6. I really like your wide horizontal pictures - it really brings a different perspective to something as ordinary as a crab.


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