Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Eight Below

Beautiful. Saw this picture can't see this video without tears in my eyes........

PS Saw this movie years ago and when I saw this video yesterday the feeling came back I think the song goes so well with the pictures. Didn't mean to upset you all :( I understand that some of you don't want to see it Sometimes you are just not up to things like this. I watched it I cried a lot and only thinking about it makes me cry again. But I loved this movie at the same time. It showed the immense loyalty dogs have. In the movie the story ends better than in reality. (it is a true story).
In Havana I was amazed by how hard it is to break the spirit of the dog. The strays walked happy beside me, they stayed friendly no matter what had happened to them and how they were treated by others.
A dog really is a man's best friend, too bad they are not always treated like that the other way around.


  1. I saw the movie and cried through out. I am not going to watch the video. I know I would cry. Just can't do that today. Just like I know I won't watch the movie War Horse. I cried watching the trailers. I am a big softie.

  2. Made me cry.
    Love the new blog lay out.

  3. Beautiful - thanks for sharing Marianne. x

  4. I haven't seen the movie, but the trailer is very touching. I can't watch several movies without sobbing, even though I've seen them before and even know it works out all right in the end.

  5. I cried watching this!!! what a great song to go with this....These dogs are amazing....I have always loved the Siberian Huskey....very touching Marianne!!! thank you for sharing this!!!! Now I have to go and hug Minnie!!!!

  6. is it okay if i don't watch this just now marianne? i don't want to cry today.
    your blog is so pretty, the changes are amazing. and your card came today! thank you so much!

  7. Happy New Year Marianne....look forward to seeing many more of your super Mandalas.

    I saw this film a while back and I dont mind admitting that it made me cry loads....dogs truly are a mans/womans best friend.

  8. You KNOW what a *wuss* I am when it comes to animals.... I can't bear to see or read anything sad...still, I am thankful you posted this - and that you and Lo are so much stronger than I in this area. And YOU KNOW how I feel about dogs being our best friends! It is true! (But, ssssshhh..don't tell Sjimmie that!)

    Love to all,

    ♥ R ♥

  9. i've now cried three times and it's your fault. this video is heart wrenching.

    your blog header is gorgeous, marianne. your whole blog is gorgeous.

    mim, don't watch it. ♥

  10. I saw that movie and couldn't watch more - oh the heartbreak of love of animals. Too much.

    thank you for your oh-so-beautiful card....lovely

  11. I can't watch it. It would break my heart. I will join the other wusses, and go hug my dogs (especially my husky-mix). xox!

  12. Marianne, I love the new look!! Butterflies everywhere!

    Believe it or not I can't watch the video. I saw the previews a few years ago and I cried then. I don't go see animal movies.

    Like Lori, I don't want to cry today. I said my goodbyes to my dear Uncle last night and we both cried.It was so hard not being there and doing that over the phone.

    I'm off today with so much to do!

    Love you!


  13. I just can't watch this right now. My snuffles is everything to me. LOTSA WFS xxx


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