Friday, January 13, 2012


 (picture stolen from Marja)

Spent 5 days in Rotterdam . I was standby for my work.
I  was called today for a Panama tomorrow. I drove home just for the afternoon and evening.
The shed is almost done , just needs a little bit of tweaking. 
Tuesday night after my shift  I went to Marja to visit Baron , her new puppy.
No need to tell you it was a wonderful visit. 
Mr. B is the best possible big brother!
They have a new blog now called Beaudor et Baron. So please go there for a lot of ohhhh's and ahhhh's :)
When I came home the boys (DH and my son) were working on the shed.
In my leave we will move all the stuff from the garage in there and in May the garage will be transformed into a studio for me! I am very excited about that.
In those 5 days I visited a few blogs but most of the time I was unable to leave a comment......grrrr.
I visited my Mom twice did some chores for my brother and spent some time with him and my BIL. Went out for dinner twice.
In short had a good time there.
So tomorrow I am off to Panama and will be back on Tuesday.
Hope you are all doing OK. Will be around every now and then.

Have a wonderful weekend 


  1. Wow that shed looks like its been there forever. Good job in painting. What a go go life you live. :) Nice you have plans for getting that studio going. Something to look forward to.

  2. Your life sounds quite exciting and romantic being able to fly to exotic places around the world.
    Coming home to family and A STUDIO sounds exciting too. Enjoy it all.
    The "shed" looks quite wonderful as well.

  3. yes, as if your life isnt exciting enough, now you will have a studio just for your art and your self. hurrah. a place of creativity. most exciting

  4. Love those photos! ("Beaudor et Baron" is one of my favourite Blogs! And....two of my most beloved Doggies)

    The shed is perfect!!!! And...oh, the Studio - on the horizon! Great news!

    Safe travels to Panama!!!!! We'll chat when you are back!!!!

    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. The shed is great. It blends in with the area. A good size too. Oh to have one's own studio. That will be fabulous. Have a great time in Panama. Don't get a sunburn. ;)

  6. oooolala marianne! i can't wait to see your new studio!!! that is going to be an amazing room and feeling for you. how excited you must be if i'm already excited!

    safe travels to panama. it is very warm there, yes? do you sit by the pool in between these flights and layovers? :^)

    marja must be having so much fun walking these two handsome dudes :^)

    and the shed: it looks great!


  7. What a pretty shed!!! Be safe in all your travels, Marianne!!!

  8. You surely are a woman of the world. Not sure I could go, go, go like you do. I love the shed. The guys did a very nice job of that, and best of all is your future art studio! Hooray!

  9. That is going to be a fantastic studio for a fantastic artist/lady! Love seeing all the progress. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  10. Oh, what a gorgeous studio!! You'll love it so much.

    I'm off to visit the blog - have fun in Panama


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