Friday, February 17, 2012

Arja's Mandala / step 6

step 6: 6 (indigo) hexagon with 6 peacock feathers

Peacock feathers are a symbol of immortality and wisdom


  1. OOOOH! I love peacock feathers - and that little video is wonderful! I have never made a mandala, and I had no idea how they were done. Gorgeous! xox

  2. marianne, i've followed each step. and now this darling video! what fun, honestly.

    step by step you make it look easy, but then i look at the 'whole' you are doing and there is your talent, all around it!

    how many steps? :^)


    1. Thanks KJ! I think still3 or 4 I pre posted everything at home before I left to Bangkok.............
      Having a good time here No time for blogging. Hope to catch up at home again:)

  3. FINALLY was able to open your post and leave a comment! DRATTED BLOGGER! Yesterday, it *informed8 me that your Blog no longer existed!!!!! Grrrrr... today, thankfully, is another day... I always learn so much when you teach us how you create your magical Mandalas! For someone who cannot draw well, it is still enlightening and fascinating. Arja is so fortunate to be the *Muse* behind this fabulous work!!!! Typing fast - in case I am *tossed out* by Blogger!


    ♥ Robin ♥

    1. Glad my blog still exists :) Hardly have time here to spend on the internet..........but I will when I am home again <3


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