Sunday, February 19, 2012

Arja's Mandala / step 8

step8: 3 (yellow) suns with a black cat silhouette.

I tried to use as much symbols from the first mandala. And in the first mandala I used 4 black cats, which represented Pommy. Arja's first cat, who brought us together.

Can you believe we met about 20 years ago, in Bangkok?! In the crew bus I overheard her talking about a cat she just got from the shelter, so I turned around and screeched What Pommy?! She was surprised I knew the cat. At that time I worked in the animal shelter of Zierikzee as a volunteer.
It turned out we lived 5 minutes  apart from each other! Both in small insignificant villages in the south of Holland . What a coincidence! We agreed to have coffee some day once we were back home again.
That's how our friendship started. 
Now I live in Zierikzee and Arja just bought a house here and will move to Zierikzee  this summer. 
This proves how small the world is! The meet your neighbor and friend on the other side of the world.


  1. Your meeting was meant to happen. Wonderful that you could become great friends. This is a beautiful mandala for a beautiful friendship.

    1. The later in life the more you value friendships :)

  2. That is simply amazing. You two were definitely meant to be friends, that's for sure! Love the black cat - did I mention I have two? They keep adopting me! xox

    1. todayI met a black cat at the market and ad to think of you :)

      It would be a nice girlfriend for SJIMMIE :)

  3. I love this story of friendship...not insignificant villages at all if they were part of your coming together. How sweet she is moving to your town now! Wow! And the Mandala grows and grows with the story intertwined so beautifully. What a lucky friend she is to have found you! And you her as well.

  4. We have been a lot together through the years I am sure lucky to have her as a friend. She is always so cheerful and positive......


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