Sunday, February 12, 2012

Arja's new mandala / step 1

Step one 1; red heart, symbol of love 

Last year when Arja and I should go to Amsterdam I had to buy her a train ticket online and for that I needed her birth date.
I looked it up in my mandala's and then I saw I had made a mistake in her mandala! Can you imagine how shocked I was?!
I made her 10 years younger, who doesn't want that? Well I........
So I intended to make her a new one whenever I would find the time. It took me one year and all that time this was like a monkey on my shoulder.
Yesterday I finally gave her the new one. 
Must say the description in this one fitted her better :)
As I will be in Bangkok for 9 days from tomorrow I will pre post  the steps so you have something to see here while I am gone.
I will try to take my cousin Anna From Sweden with me, so I won't have time to blog much but being an internet addict I will try to read them from time to time :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Meid,heel veel plezier en ik ga duimen dat ze meekomt.

    ooh lekker naar de warmte....ben hier de boel aan het opruimen ,maar wil blijven helaas ((;

    Jammer dat we elkaar net mislopen,maar we zien elkaar snel.

    Neem een Pina Colada van me,

  2. Doe ik!!!!
    Hier is het net begonnen met sneeuwen :(
    Krijg alweer helemaal de kriebels voor morgen......

  3. Have a wonderful trip. Will look forward to seeing what all you and your cousin gets into while gone.

    1. I will post pictures afterwards Lisa. I still haven't figured out how to upload picture to my tablet and then post them.... :(

  4. have a great trip. Hmm, well your friend received two of your beautiful mandala's this way!

  5. Have a safe trip. thats a long one. Nice for your friend to get TWO of your mandalas. Bet she was happy about that. :))

    1. Yes she was and yes it is a long trip. Have to fly to Taipei twice though......

  6. Ooo, nine days in Bangkok! How exciting! Have fun and stay connected!

    1. I will try and I look forward to enjoy the tropical heat for a while!

  7. will you make me 10 years younger also please????

    Have fun!

  8. Ah, I am just back from my *Mini-Trip*.....and you are GONE!!!!

    Love the comment from Mim!~ A-ha-ha! But, seriously, having TWO of your Birth Mandalas....even if one is *wrong*, still brings the recepient such JOY!

    Enjoy the *Fried Rice* and the Pina Coloda!!!

    I miss you!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥


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