Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Animal Wednesday

   The deer are doing fine. 
I decided to keep one Mom and child 
as 4 is too much for the yard. 
The little one is going to Dubai, maybe I can visit her one day in the future :)
For Mom he would find a place with people who don't want to breed with her.
We kept Hindi and her Mom as I am very attached to Annemie (that's Hindi's Mom) and Hindi (the first born) was named by Marja.
This year I fed them inside the yard as I wanted to try to tame the deer. Both were girls.
Now I can also touch Annemie (after 6 years) I can pet her, put fly repellent on her and I even removed a tick! The little one, Hindi,  eats out of my hand  and is very curious.

 Got a new bird feeder.

 Hanged it just outside my studio window so I can enjoy the birds up close.

 In our garden we spotted a strange bird
 We can't find him in the books we have
 But I think it is a mutant of
 this bird
 Or does anyone know what kind this is?
 The two old ladies eating on a step
 Side by side
And this little fellow is back in the garden again.
Picture is taken from my kitchen window, that why it is a little blurry.....

Happy Animal Wednesday :)


  1. Wow, deer in Dubai, where would they live and how would you get them there? I never realized that they were " your" deer, I thought they were wild deer hanging around your neighborhood. We have many many wild deer who are a nuisance, so that is what I am used to

    Happy animal Wednesday

    1. I was surprised too Mim. Thought it wuold be too hot for them over there. But I was told they can stand the heat very well.
      The little one will travel by air.......
      We have a lot of deer here on the island as well and they are considered a nuisance as well because they are with too many, The deer were in my front yard when I bought the house 10 years ago

  2. Such a wonderful post Marianne. Love seeing and hearing about all your pets, birds, etc. love those cat pictures.



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