Sunday, November 25, 2012

Glass Bead Workshop

 Yesterday I went to Delft for a glass bead workshop.
 Saint Nicolas also came to visit Delft
My teacher and colleague lives in a wonderful old canal house.
We had a great view
 The adventure began........................ 
Judith was a fun, enthusiastic and good instructor.
You can visit your website here to admire her work.
 The blue one is the first bead I made!!!
 Here I am wearing 2 pair of glasses (can you see them?)
 While working Juut kept me company
Judith's cockatiel...............Isn't she gorgeous?!
I had to think of Teri all day :)
She fell asleep behind me
 OK, back to work
I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love glass as a material to work with.
And although making beads is difficult and certainly not something I can master in a day, I know this won't be the last time I will be doing this. I still need a lot of practice.
It is a magical and fascinating process and I see endless creative possibilities.
 At the end of the day this was the bracelet I created with the help of Judith.
Four of my beads are in there!!!

Unfortunately 2 were cracked because I kept them out of the flame too long. 
One I thought was too blue for the bracelet. But I am happy, proud and encouraged by the results :)
 On my way home I bought 2 couches at IKEA as they had a 10 % sale.
I maneuvered with this cart through the IKEA. Can you picture it??!!
They will be delivered on Friday. Until then we have no couch as we sold ours yesterday.
The lady in the store gave me a good tip: we have inflated an airbed to serve as a couch .

It is storming outside. I am glad I don't have to go anywhere today.

Hope you will all have a wonderful weekend :)


  1. Your beads are beautiful. I know if you do this much you will become proficient at making beads. What a fun hobby this would be. I can just imagine you pushing through a store loaded with sofas. ha... Enjoy your weekend on the blow-up.

  2. You are awesome, Marianne! Making beautiful glass beads with a cockatiel sleeping behind you while Santa dallies across the way...and then ZOOM! You are at IKEA hefting sofas around the store. I loved getting to visit on this wonderful day in Delft. xox!

  3. Ooooooh.....I have always wanted to make a bead!!! Must have been so fun! Your bracelet turned out GORGEOUS! Love the colors! It is all YOU! All love.
    Cute little birdie pet! I thought of Teri too!
    Great sale at IKEA! Hope you will love your new couches!!!

  4. Ah, a *typical* Marianne Day....*nothing much* happening! A-ha-ha!

    The Bracelet! WOW! First time or not, it is gorgeous.... and I can already imagine future creations.... this is a new and wonderful genre for you!

    JUUT! OMG! Of course, I thought of Teri and Sunshine too....can't wait for her to see this post! Juut is too precious.... what a little bundle of feathery joy! (And the perfect *Assistant* to help while you work!)

    Delft is so lovely...those canals.... ah... Saint Nicholas on his white horse! A magical visit!!! (Didn't you do a post about Saint Nicholas a few Christmases ago?)

    Last...Marianne - LARGE reminds me of a certain trip you took, toting a HUGE bag full of goodies to the Macy*s Post Office! Can't wait to see the new couch! Lisa's witty comment about the blow-up made me laugh out loud!

    Wonderful Post!!!!!


    ♥ R ♥

  5. OOOoooohhhhhhh, what a beauty!!! I have never seen coloring like that. Oh what a fun day. Thank you so much for including the pix. It was a year ago the day before Thanksgiving that we lost her so this is precious to me. We still miss her and I still have the the painting you made of her on the mantle with a few of her feathers.

    Oh, and I love your beads. You are always up to something!

  6. Love the colours of your beads, what a lot of patience you need to make them and good eyesight (both I haven't got too much of anymore). That cockatiel is truly gorgeous, and you look so nice as always. Baie liefs en wfs. Wanneer kom jy London toe?

  7. what an awesome post marianne! i would love to see delft and watch the bead making, you did a beautiful job, they look perfect to me. your bracelet is really lovely. wow. enjoy your new couches, something about ikea makes one end up pushing giant trolleys around!

  8. what a post indeed! the beads are so gorgeous it's hard for me to imagine how you managed such a creation in such a short time.

    i love the views here, marianne. and a wrap up trip to ikea is second only to a night blowing up, or is it up blowing? :^)


  9. The first sentence in your post is filled with anticipation, beauty, and it's like the opening statement in a book. The beads are just wonderful, what fun you must have had. I can't imagine how it is done so I'm just assuming magic.

  10. Wow, your first attempt?? I thought maybe your instructor made them. You're going to be a master at this very quickly!

    I love the look and charm of Delft. So "old world." And your sweet assistant. I have never seen coloring like that either. But you're right, every time I see a cockatiel now I think of teri and Sunshine.

    Super post, and you look great!


  11. Marianne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so amazing!!! lovely glass beads and how super exciting would it be to learn this!!! you are so lucky!!!!

  12. Oh what a pretty bird. How fun to have him around. Really does make me think of Teri too.
    Love the necklace you made. Looks like a fun time was had. You have an Ikea.. I love Ikea. We finally got one in our town and we moved. now the closest one is over three hours away. boo hiss. lol Check out my blog. I have moved to a new blog address. I hope you will follow me. I came to move your address to my new blog. I am now Cris, Oregon Artist. An Artists country life is my new blog. :) I wanted a new name. lol


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