Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diwali / and an update

I always love festivities which include light, especially now that the days are getting shorter.
I am not religious but I just love the positive things in certain religions.
I thought I needed to post an update before you all think I vanished from this planet completely.
I have the feeling I have so little to say or show on my blog. Maybe I am already in hibernation. I just find Autumn a difficult season. I took light therapy in October and I will do another 10 days in November.
Today I will fly to Beijing and after this trip I will have my winter holiday and won't have to work until after X -mas.
I am working on a surprise painting for a friend so I can't show that one before Christmas.
I miss doing ATC's, anyone in for another round?
Lars has found a temporary room so Friday I will start cleaning the room and moving his things there.
Hope you are all doing great and from next week I hope to be back in the blogosphere more often.

(flowers from a dear friend)

Happy Diwali :)


  1. I don't feel like I have much to say these days either - lol! I think that's perfectly normal. It's the Fall, and we're all cozying down for the long haul. Take care! xox

  2. I hope the festival of lights brings energy and good feelings to you. I don't suffer from that malady (light deprivation). I love winter but I do like light. An ATC trade sounds like fun. I haven't done one of those in some time.

  3. i think pam is right that we are cozying down for the long haul. a sort of hibernation does seem to happen as winter approaches. i could stay close to home and the fireplace without a peep. i would bake bread and make soup and maybe even go to bed early. and all of these things i probably will be doing as the darkness comes earlier each day.

    i am so glad you will have such an extended holiday. your candle with its heart center says it all, marianne. i was soothed as soon as i laid eyes on it.

    love love my friend,

  4. Yes I am also feeling this strange Wintery feeling coming over me. Inertia and lethargy reign! I would love to do some swaps with you again. Will email you and a few other gals to see what I can arrange.Enjoy your holiday- you certainly deserve it. xxxx


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