Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Modern Cooking

Today Lars prepared his first dinner for us! A Turkish dish; Sigir Güveç. Made with the help of his Nintendo DS! Vandaag heeft Lars voor het eerst echt gekookt voor ons! Een Turks gerecht; Sigir Güveç. Gemaakt met behulp van zijn Nintendo! He has tried cakes, pancakes, cookies and pies before, this was his first real dish. Hij heeft cakes, pannenkoeken, koekjes en taarten gebakken. Dit was zijn eerste echte gerecht. My Lars is very nifty with computers, he has downloaded a program for his DS called Cooking Guide, can't decide what to eat. I didn't have my glasses on but there is also a talking guide and pictures! Even mothers can do it! Lars is erg handig met computers, hij heeft een programma voor zijn DS gedownload; Cooking Guide, can't decide what to eat. Zonder bril kunnen zelfs moeders het met hulp van de gesproken intructies! Can you imagine, when I saw my son cooking like that I felt hopelessly old-fashioned. The dish was delicious! I'm proud of him (as always). Kun je je voorstellen als je zoon zo ziet koken dat je je hopeloos ouderwets voelt? Het eten was heerlijk! Ik ben trots op hem (als altijd).


  1. Hi Marianne:) this is very sweet and funny too! What if the thing falls in the beans and sauce, LOL!
    I have lost patience with cooking but perhaps it would come back with this thing, :) (I doubt it)

    Your Lars is a good looking young lad, like his long hairs!


  2. Hi Marianne...what a great post...and so cute with the use of technology to figure out what to make to eat....

    cooking is one of my loves...

    have a wonderful weekend!!!


  3. Hey that Lars is something. Looks like couscous with raisins and beans to me. I love couscous. Good for Lars. My son looks up recipes on the computer too and is a good cook now at age 39. Now, my dad didn't even know how to warm up a tv dinner in the oven. :) which left him helpless when Mom was in the hospital. All men should know how to cook!!!!!!

  4. Thanks Andrea,
    I like his long hair too. At this photo he had just returned from the beach so his hair needed a shower.......
    I sometimes like cooking but most of the times not..... so many other things to do
    But now I have 2 men who can cook!
    It's getting better and better.

    Thanks Diana,
    I know you don't need a nintendo ds to make the most gorgious things :) A wonderful weekend to you as well!

    Hi Suki,
    Yes that's couscous with raisins, I made that up because the recipe was only the meat dish. The combination was perfect.
    I agree that men should learn to cook! Mine started late also, I spoiled him in the beginning but later I changed things around here.......
    My sons will have to learn to cook before they go and live on their own.
    Wishing you a sunny weekend!

  5. hi marianne!
    oh that looks delicious. your son is very talented!
    :) melissa

  6. Aw, he looks like a great kid. You are blessed.

  7. dit lyk heerlik. ek was so bly toe my seuns begin kos maak, toe hulle jonk was, want ek haat die kombuis. nou kan hy koek bak en ontbyt maak, en dan kan jy lekker rus. liefs en wfs.

  8. I certainly feel blessed with my 2 kids! Nice to see you around Kelly!

    Zo is dat FY, ik ben ook helemaal geen keukenprinses! Hoe meer er hier kunnen koken de beter! Betekent dat ik het niet altijd zelf hoef te doen :)

  9. yes you should be really proud of your son...
    a very nice way to cook
    and the food seems yummy
    i liked the photo too... the perspective tells a lot...
    and the way he is absorbed in his job...

  10. corrct please:
    i liked the photos too... especially the last one..


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