Monday, October 6, 2008


Colorful Thailand Kleurrijk Thailand Along the water Langs het water Dogs everywhere Overal honden Skybar at Lebua Skybar van het Lebua Pity I´m allergic to apples! Jammer dat ik allergisch ben voor appels! More orchids Nog meer orchideen The Death Trail Het dodenspoor Marja found a Thai Droppie Marja heeft een Thais Droppie gevonden Friends for over 43 years! Al meer dan 43 jaar bevriend! The bridge over the River Kwai De brug over de rivier Kwai Bycicles at the JEATH museum Fietsen in het JEATH museum Artist at Wat Pho Restauratie in Wat Pho After the rain Na de regen Fertility, even plants grow on the temple Vruchtbaarheid, er groeien zelfs planten op de tempels


  1. I can almost feel the difference in countries by looking at your pictures. So much is different there. I can just imagine the feral animals all about.

  2. Marianne,

    These photos are really fabulous. Clearly this is not your first trip to Bangkok. I love all of these, however the first one of the orchid has to be my favorite.

    Thanks Marianne!

  3. Enchanting pictures, I love them all. The temple with the green things growing on it is amazing, and the animals too, everything!

  4. ek kan sien hoekom jy lief vir jou werk al hierdie mooi plekke te sien en nogal geld te kry die einde van die maand,wonderlike fotos.vriende vir oor 40 jare, seker voor julle geboort was...ha ha...

  5. Wonderful photos! I do worry about the dogs and cats there. They don't respect them the way we do, I've heard. I always think of the animals first :)

  6. What wonderful photos! The orchids are my favorites, of course. I have a vanda very similar to the beautiful purple one in your first picture. Mine dropped it's last bloom this morning. Now I have to wait and watch for another year.

  7. Thank you for my trip to Thailand. The first photo is just gorgeous though all are rather wonderful. Tell me, what is the death trail?

  8. Soulbrush, thanks :)

    Yes Lolo I always worry about the animals too. But I must say The people treat the dogs quite nice.
    They all look well fed and the dogs (stray) are friendly (so not afraid). I have seen far worse in the world.
    Sometimes they look very dirty but Bangkok is a poluted city.
    This time I noticed I saw little cats.......wonder what they do with them.
    My heart always go out for the animals first.

  9. Hi Suki,
    It is the railway between Thailand and Birma. During World War II thousands of prisoners of war and civilians in forced labor died during the contruction of the railway

  10. What great photos! Really interesting and colorful as well. And to answer your question about my masthead on my blog, I changed it up a few weeks ago ( I think)... the old one had my name with a lemur illustration, a butterfly and a mouse in a teacup. I think I would like to post seasonal ones from now on though.. they are more fun! =)
    Hope you had a good weekend.

  11. hi marianne

    oh these photos are amazing. you go to so many amazing places!

    my husband is allergic to apples too. you will definitely laugh at my post tomorrow.


  12. Lovely photos! I am glad you are getting to see all of these fabulous places! Thank you for sharing (:


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