Sunday, October 12, 2008

left handed drawing

Suki , Andrea and Kim have posted art made with non-dominant hand. This is my drawing made with my left hand. When Kim asked her readers to give it a try I was interested at once. As a child I found pleasure in writing with 2 hands at the same time and did all sorts of experiments, like writing upside down and from right to left etc. Yes a bit weird I must admit...... So this experiment was fun, it has been a long time since it tried anything left, except when painting my walls, then I always use both hands (not at the same time). Suki , Andrea en Kim hebben werk gepost gemaakt met hun niet dominante hand. Dit is mijn tekening gemaakt met links. Toen Kim haar lezers vroeg of zij zin hadden om dit te proberen was ik meteen geinteresseerd. Als kind deed ik allerlei experimenten, zoals schrijven met 2 handen tegelijk, ondersteboven schrijven of in spiegelschrift of ondersteboven en in spiegelschrift tegelijk.. Ja ik geef toe een beetje vreemd. Dit experiment was leuk, het resultaat viel me mee. Het is lang geleden dat ik iets met links gedaan heb, behalve het schilderen van de muren hier, dan gebruik ik altijd allebei de handen (maar niet tegelijk hoor). PS; We are having problems with the electricity, we have had no internet the whole day! Tomorrow before we leave to Friesland, where we will visit friends and deliver a mandala for their daughter. Wednesday I realy hope to catch up with blogging. PS; We hebben problemen met de electriciteit en hierdoor bijna de hele dag geen internet gehad! Morgen gaan we naar Friesland, waar we vrienden gaan bezoeken en een mandala meenemen voor hun dochter.Woensdag zijn we terug en dan hoop ik echt wat in te halen wat bloggen betreft.


  1. met jou linker hand? baie baie goed...ek moet ook probeer een dag. geniet jou klein vakansie. baie liefs en wfs.

  2. I guess you are ambidexterous. this is a wonderful left handed drawing. You know, now that you mention it, I too use both hands when painting a wall. Funny. Have a wonderful trip.

  3. hi marianne!
    i just love your left handed painting! you are so talented and fun!

  4. Marianne, this is truly beautiful. I love the way you chose to do it on the black...fantastic work! I found it was truly a positive experience for relaxation. Did you find this was true for you?

    I really love this work! I think I am off to try some additional work with my left hand or working with them both in concert with each other.

    Good Luck with your electrical issue...hopefully the electrician will be able to get things straight tomorrow.

  5. This is really nice. My left hand work looks awful!

  6. Marianne, this is so funny for me because I thought I was the only one in the world that is right-handed and frequently write with my left, just in case I needed to someday.

    But I know it would not be as good as yours! Wonderful!!

  7. hoi marianne,
    dank je wel voor je bezoek aan mijn weblog,,
    nee ik ben geen ster links, en vind het er knap als mensen het wel kunnen,:-)

    veel plezier en tot ziens

  8. Neat mandala! I hate when the power or internet goes out!

  9. oh what a cool project...and your piece is amazing!!! I think I will have to try this...but it won't be pretty....


  10. they say when we write or draw by our non-dominant hand, our child within talks...

    you've got a wonderful soul... full of beaty and warmth like this fabulous painting....

  11. Brava! So well done! I love the effect of the black paper too! :)

  12. An interesting doodle and an interesting exercise.

  13. My left hand doesn't do much other than hold down the strings on my guitar which it doesn't do enough to keep calluses. So I am sure my drawing would not be presentable. I too did those exercises with my left hand when younger...just in case. I wonder if that is a common thought among children.??


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