Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Animal Wednesday (#20)

You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your Prince! (ATC made for the queen of the daisies) Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. And this ADORABLE froggie now lives at my house amongst all the daisies!!! Love it Marianne!!!!!
    Thank you.

  2. this is adorable Marianne!!! that frog prince is so cute....You know we were planning on FRance this fall...but I am not ready to leave Cole for 2 weeks....and he is too young to enjoy all the wonderful stuff going to bakeries and eating macaroons!!! I postponed the vacation...jut going to do some down south travelling for now...and the usual cottage stuff....
    but I can't wait to go to Paris...My brother and my sister-in-law leave next Thursday for Paris and the South of France...a trip we were going to be on but...I am just sending them my list of things I have to have...

  3. he's a cutie patootie little guy.xxmet liefs en wfs vir jou weer vandag. hoop jy voel n bietjie beter in jou gedagte.

  4. This is adorable! !!haw to you

  5. This is so cute and so true too.
    Although it's been a long time since I was kissing frogs. LOL

    A card it shall be lightly adhered.
    ;-) Thanks for agreeing to trade with me again.

  6. Just how precious is this????? I love it! I also love that you use alot of pink. Have a wonderful Thursday.

  7. all i could think was 'i would gladly kiss a frog or two for a prince(ess). xoxo!

  8. i had to tell you, i've opened an etsy shop.....eeeek.
    ek dink jy en lars was vandag weg op jou klein vakansie, hoop dit ggan lekker en jys is mou meer gerus...

  9. hi marianne!
    oh i love it!

    have a super weekend!

  10. Soo sweet!!! A perfect home for him too! :)

  11. What a gorgeous chap he is. Lucky for Teri. xxx

  12. Nou jou prins is mooi!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Beaudor is mijn prins en zoooooooooo lief.
    Hoop dat je geniet samen met Lars tot gauw ik ben weer home away from home in K.
    xxx Marja

  13. Wow! A frog prince.
    Just too lovely.
    You always create art with your heart. And this make us feel so touched!

  14. how is your holiday going with lars? i hope lovely and you are rested and feeling better...liefs and


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