Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Art on and Animal Wednesday

This year I joined a group painting on Wednesday afternoons.
This is the first painting I did. Sjimmie, my bundle of joy and inspiration ;)

The second painting was this Frida Kahlo painting.

I always wanted to paint this painting as a mural on my kitchen wall. Now I painted a painting instead......... I have to wait for my kitchen but the painting is already there :) I enjoyed painting these colors, the red oranges and green. It made me feel good.

I started this one . It is the view from my garden.
I have no idea if I like this. I took it home to work on it but I notice not much really happens here.........
Hope I will finish it one day. I have this compulsion to want to finish everything I started.........My gosh why is that?????

This is what I have been working on for weeks now. It is a panorama of the skyline Rotterdam .

My o my what have I started here....!!!!????

So difficult and all without color........................

What am I doing to myself?

I learn from this that's for sure.

This is how far I came this afternoon. They start to look like clouds.

And here is Mrs Jobse again, our studio mascotte. Isn't she cute!?

Making art is so tirering................................. Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. I love how kitties' tail goes over to the edge of the canvas...
    The others are all so wonderful each in it's own way.
    I so love having such talented friends as yourself! Lucky me.
    Happy Wednesday painting...and yes that puppy is very cute.

  2. Ahh yes, artistic talent is both a blessing and a curse! What lovely pieces, you know how much I love seeing your process. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Gosh, these are fabulous Marianne!!! Love the composition and the happy colors. You are lucky to have found such a group.


  4. What great art peices, Marianne! This class is so good for and inspiring you to finish everything. I like how you recognized the colors in the one painting made you happy! Isn't that just the best feeling!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  5. I love love love your cat painting!

  6. all are lovely but i esp like the greys of the clouds/skyline and the length of it. fun to take a class with others

  7. oh Marianne!!! these paintings are fantastic!!! I especially love the fruits all in colour!!! wow!!! gorgeous!!!

  8. good lord - where do you find the time! I love the clouds painting - that is one of my goals - to paint clouds!!!

  9. Oh, you've been keeping this quiet!!! What lovely paintings Marianne - I can't wait to see the skyline finished. Those melons are super - are you getting a new kitchen? I think the view from your place is magical! It's fun to see your work on a bigger scale too - you're just so talented!

  10. Great Paintings Marianne...Sjimmie is my fav just because I am animal Mrs Jobose too...what a cutie.

  11. Marianne I love the melon picture. My favorite colors. And the rest are so beautiful. I like the flat feeling of dimension on the first two. And finally the last on that looks like clouds for now is unbelievable. Great job, but where do you find the time.
    Last but not least your mascot Mrs.Jobse is precious. What look in those eyes in the first picture.

  12. So much art! Love Sjimmie in your painting....all of them, the fruit, the panorama, just fantastic. What an adorable puppy! I have not created any art in a while....impressed with all of yours!

  13. Liebe Marianne,

    You truly have a talent! Sjimmie is an inspiration! (And, I am sure he KNOWS it!) The painting of the Schloss needs....Sjimmie - like the photo you took as he surveyed his "Kingdom" a few weeks back...that photo took my breath away - you even captured his "Royal Expression"!

    The Kahlo one is warm, bright and exudes Frida's powerful heart.

    And....the clouds.... as Joss said, painting clouds is so difficult - but you, my friend, have the GIFT!

    Big hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  14. Sjimmie is gewoon geweldig en meid die watermeloenen.....
    Kom je als mijn keuken er ooit komt koeien op de muur schilderen?
    Wat een heerlijk weer heb de kriebels zemen,soppen,ruimen morgen lekker sporten en zaterdag NKD met Beaudor en zusjes en hopelijk Ijaba.

  15. Hello marianne. Making art is tiring but the time is worth spending.
    Looking back the great effort and time spent, really not wasted.
    Art makes us creative and happy. Happy day to you Marianne!

  16. Each piece is filled with its own beauty. I love the Frida piece-spectacular color...and am thoroughly fascinated by your spectacular clouds. What depth and drama you have achieved. Feels good to work on something large for a change I'll bet!
    thanks for the studio peeks...What a fun group you have joined!

  17. That pup is really cute! I've enjoyed going back and checking out what's been happening. Your paintings look really great. I love the clouds, I would be tempted to leave it just like that and forget the skyline. I too feel like I must finish everything, it helps if you force yourself to just scribble over it. Then you can't finish it....not recommended for the faint of heart. It's kind of harsh!

  18. you are TOO much, marianne. that middle painting is so colorful and fruity perfect.

    so you paint too. you and mim amaze me--how you both stretch and learn and try to do new things.

    tsup! marianne!


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