Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Global Mail Art

My Mom made 10 postcards for the Global Mail Art group she joined.
She always takes pictures of them on the floor.
Here I am (Troelie) showing her that nothing beats the real thing!!!!
She received 10 gorgeous postcards from all around the world by wonderful artists and had to send 10 herself.
Here they are:
This one went to Lolo.
A do it yourself door hanger.
This one she made for Patty on her break from Hong Kong to Amsterdam. She gave it to a Chinese colleague , who took it back to Hong Kong to mail it from there.
It really went the world over twice :)
This one she made for Mim. She found a vintage postcard and used the lower part and painted the upper part.
This one was for Lisa. Watercolor, ink and silver leaf.
Another door hanger for Lynn.
A raffie and African landscape for Joss.
She didn't expect this boat to stay on during the trip to Caroline!
But miraculously it did!
A colorful cat for Cat
Moonlight for Debra (Did it ever get there...)
and Home is where the heart is for Suki!
Notice that 8 out of 10 cards have animals in them.......... :)
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous. HAW. I think I forgot to take pictures of all of mine. I need to do a couple more though.

  2. How wonderful to see them all together and to see all the animals!! HAW Marianne!

  3. A smashing collection of goodies here...and in so many styles... You are so artistically versatile!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE The fact that Patty's was mailed from Hong Kong...What a double delicious treat! :)

    What wonderful Happy Art Marianne!

  4. What a wonderful collection of beautiful art, thanks for sharing Marianne - I especially love the 'shopping' one!


  5. They look beautiful all together!!
    A perfect animal Wednesday!

    I haven't finished mine yet and I forgot to make a copy of Lisa's :(

    I think I've deleted most of them because my picture files are too big!

    I'll email you later ;)


  6. Marianne....so, I see you have your Mother's wonderful artistic talent! Beautiful work!

    And....Troelie - what a cutie! Your animal "menagerie" is delightful.

    All these miniature works of art are so lovely, so inspiring! Sigh....wish I could paint....

    But, I can appreciate!

    Love to your and your Furry Ones,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Sooo cute is your kitty! I just loved seeing them all of your postcards together! Beautiful, each and every one of them (but I the one you made for me best!!). I just made a flickr slide show of mine over on my blog - think I might do the same for the Arty Soulsisters pieces I did - I love to see them as a collection!

  8. your cards are all so wonderful! A fun roundrobin for sure. I love it that the hong kong card was mailed from hong kong. that's fun.

  9. What a great collection of cards! Lovely and fun and for sure, to be displayed and enjoyed.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. These are absolutely gorgeous!!!! Amazingly beautiful, stunning.....any other appropriate adjectives should be injected here also. Wow.

  11. I love all the different cards - what a fantastic concept to exchange art!

    HAW (ook al is het donderdag ;) )

  12. Wow! So beautiful and they are going to travel around the world.
    I just received mine.
    Thanks and you got a big heart.
    God bless:)

  13. Now I've got to post all mine together that I sent out. I've never seen the one I made for Debra post either.....maybe she still just hasn't gotten to it? What a lovely collection. I do cherish mine from Hong Kong!


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