Saturday, April 17, 2010

CD Cover

Isn't this fun?! One of my mandalas has been used for a CD cover! The mandala below I made a few years ago for someone I hardly knew. My friend Muktha asked me to paint it for a friend of hers, Deep. She didn´t know the date of birth and since she wanted it to be a surprise I just painted a personal mandala with my intuition . Muktha's wish was that a Ganesha had to be in the mandala. Normally I don´t work this way, but the request and the lack of guidance from the date of birth created a new sense of freedom, in which I was very inspired and I made the mandala with a lot of pleasure. Afterwards Orange was the perfect colour chosen for this person. In the video above you see the cover and you can hear a part of the Mantra from Deep's Album Narayana.
Below the original mandala.
Narayana van Bhakti Music


  1. The original piece is awesome... I couldn't get the video to come up but I can only imagine how great the CD cover is! :) Very cool indeed! :)

  2. What a great idea and so pretty. Your mandala roundness works perfectly for the cover.

  3. Gorgeous! What a thrill, so beautiful. Congratulations - ;)

  4. marianne, never in my life did i imagine i would be surrounded by such talented and wonderful women: my very own heart sisters.

    it is my pleasure to congratulate you on this honor.


  5. This is awesome cool!!!!! Congratulations!!!! I hope you gain some rights and income from this, but the honor is terrific too.

    I was wondering about you yesterday when I heard so many flights were cancelled due to the Icelandic volcano eruption. Were you affected...leaving you home or stuck anywhere?

  6. O-R-A-N-G-E!!!!! It is really a perfect design for a CD cover, isn't it??? Congrats, Marianne!!!

  7. congratulations. your intuition wins here. what an honor to have yr mandala on the cover. listened to the tape and like very much. hurrah

  8. Meid geweldig je wordt Beroemd!!!

    Leuk hoor hebben net nog even gezwaaid,zijn naar Neeltje Jans geweest heerlijk weer.

  9. Heee Marianne,

    Goh wat ontzettend leuk dat je het op je blog hebt gezet!
    En wat een enthousiaste reacties


  10. Your mandala is perfect for this cd. Their beautiful voices seem a part of the mandala. Isn't it fun to see your work used this way?. Congratulations.

  11. oh how wonderful Marianne!!! the cover looks fantastic!!!


  12. This is stunning! Juicy on the CD cover too! Video doesn't seem to want to play for me though :(

  13. This was meant to be!! The music goes so well with your wonderful mandala! You are always right with your intuition ;)

  14. The original work is simply beautiful and it made an excellent CD cover!!!!

  15. Marianne - HOW COOL! Your wonderful work makes for a beautiful CD cover. Brava! And...the music is cool too!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  16. Such a remarkable original piece in sunshine spirit Marianne!
    The CD cover looks great too.
    You are truly blessed with friends and they made your creation stand out in other art form like a CD cover.
    May be I will see a Mandala in a cushion cover in the near future!

  17. It's beautiful and so is the music. I like it very much.

  18. oh wow this is so exciting, and i am so happy and not at all surprised


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