Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Cactus Monday

Remember my cactus Monday post from a few weeks ago?
The Christmas Cactus is blooming now.
Is it an easter cactus then?
Picture made today. I picked Sjimmie up this time and placed him behind the cactus. The way I found him last time and he posed willingly ;)
Happy Easter!
Happy Cactus Monday!
For more cactus fun visit our Chief Cactuteer Teri, she has all the links!
Lolo had a Spring/Easter Challenge on her blog last week. To see how many bunnies you have in the house.I could only find 2................ Above is Emily Rabbits gift for Christmas. and no it is not the easter bunny, it is Emily herself!

And I love this one as well.

I can't remember where it came from (shame on me....), but it has been around ever since.


  1. hcm marianne. love those blooms and sjimmie! happy easter cactus monday!

  2. what a gorgeous photo of your christmaseaster cactus. mine never flower ever, must be the air and water in london. cute little sjimmie too. hcm and happy belated easter and millions of wfs.

  3. Your Easter cactus is gorgeous. Sjimmie is such a good boy to pose for you. He is also very curious about the lively rabbit.

  4. That is a beautiful cactus which makes an outstanding "frame" for Sjimmie! Love the video.......your site always brings a smile. :)

  5. Dear Marianne,
    It sounds like your Easter was a lovely one. I've had better argument with my ex, then food poisoning on Good Friday - and all taking place during stormy, blustery weather.

    Visiting your blog put a smile on my face... how I adore that Sjimmie...he looks mysterious and magical peeking behind the cactus.....and the video....charming!

    Your work, as always is lovely.
    Thank you for brightening my day - and - perfetc I wrie this, the sun is making an attempt to shine!

    Many hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. Hee hee your hopping bunny...Sjimmie is loving that interesting rabbit too!!! LOL. now have an Easter Cactus!!! Ha! Surprise!!!

  7. Love this...What astounding color! HCM and Hugs ♥xo:)

  8. Oh Marianne, I love the beautiful flowers, bright colors, and cat peeking out from behind. Very clever. I am slowly but surely catching on to all the blogging activity and days. Still a little confused about how you become part of groups.
    Again, love your work always.

  9. Hi lieverd heb je gemist dat is het enige stomme van ons dorp geen ADSL,ga 14 juli op het feest de Maire in de houtgreep nemen.
    Die kaart met beer en zalm LOL,en ja die Rooster.....
    Wij hebben een nieuwe buur een koekie american spaniel en ja B. is in love haha.
    Ben net binnen doodmoe ga tukken Bisous,Mar

  10. Those flowers are GORGEOUS!! and Sjimmie is a natural actor and model.


  11. Definitely an Easter cactus, and I like the Easter Sjimmie filling in for the Easter bunny!

  12. hello dearest marianne! what a photo of sjimmie and the flowers. it should be on a magazine cover.

    i heard emily squeal when she saw the mug. she still brags about sending it to you.

    have a great week, tsup!


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