Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Catching up on Thankful Thursday.
here is Caroline's card I received in The Global Mail Art Greetings.
So gorgeous...........................!
Stop and smell the roses. How wonderful is that!
Thanks Caroline. !
From Teri the O in the ABC ATC's Around the world.
An octopus haiku!
Accompanied by a lovely spring zengtangle , just what we need!
A hand painted Popsicle bookmark!
I must admit I have seen them around on the blogs and secretly hoped for one ;)
And the Octopus card.
All so perfect!
Thanks Teri!
Debra (from Beam me up Scotty) sent me this PC manipulated professionally printed card for the Global Mail Art Greeting project.
Thanks Debra!
I bought this original work of art from Lolo!
It stands on my side table in the hall. Every time I walk by I have to think of her.
I just love that raven and the Global feel of these stamps from all over the world!
It is like the raven is crossing the ocean and that friendship knows no boundaries.......
Two colds in 2 months........ Dear Lolo sent me these mandala tissues for my next cold, which I have planned to have next winter btw........
The 2 boxes are lovely in my bedroom!
Lovely hummingbird cards were in the package too.
Lolo's mail is always like a little party!
Thanks Lolo!
If you are sorry you missed the raven you can always buy the raven cards available in her Etsy shop. For me they came together with the original I bought.
here some other goodies!
The blue duck for the ABC ATC challenge.
A lovely peacock bookmark! A bunny and Moo cards!
Thanks dear , you always spoil me rotten!
This lovely treasure came from BT!
My M for Musical Mermaid, together with a bunch of extra goodies!
And a beautiful handmade card!
Thanks BT!!!!
Thankful for all my creative Blogfriends and for the wonderful exchange of art we have!
But most of all for their friendship and support!
I am thankful for Spring, which has finally arrived!
Hope you have lots of things to be thankful for today!
(I know I have!)
Happy Thankful Thursday!


  1. brilliant wonderful art for a brilliant and wonderful person, yes i mean you, and i am thankful for knowing you.

  2. You are certainly blessed Marianne. As it should be.

  3. What a day you've had!!

    I just love the cat on caroline's postcard. (Sjimmie, of course!) But the posture is so perfect.

    teri's haiku atc's are a hoot! So much fun. I'm glad you got a popsicle bookmark too:)

    Look at the fun stickers BT sent with your musical mermaid! Wonderful fun!

    hahaha! So funny to see the kleenex in your thankful post! I bought some for Margaret once and she posted them too :)

    Thank you for buying my painting!
    I need all the support I can get :P

    You must be so crazy getting things done before your big trip to Egypt! Now go get some rest ;)


  4. Marianne, so many beautiful things for such a beautiful person! Ah, you bought Lo's original Raven painting..... (darn you)! I did buy the is amazing!

    I know I am VERY thankful to have you in my life....meeting you has helped brighten my world after all that happened to me last year...

    Liebe Grusse und...schone Mai!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. Beautiful, artistic and heartfelt...your goodies and all your blogfriends. Priceless treasures each and every one! :)

  6. You are blessed indeed!!!! Too many to pick a favorite, but I always love Lolo's ravens. You know, that Sjimmie is like your it!

  7. Yes, Marianne you are such a great friend to all your friends which include me.
    Sorry to be late here.
    I was out for a celebration with my friend.
    These gem life arts are so wonderfully made and they are inspiration to you everyday. Thanks for sharing your inspirational corner to us.
    I really like your idea and way of them.
    Lolo's art are incredibly beautiful. How great she always remember you always.

    Thanks for your kindness seding me the most beautiful mandalas in the world. I am so blessed to have you as my friend. I will put up in my blog soon.

    Pls. give me some time to send you some gifts in return. I always love to:)

    Take care and bye!

  8. Teri, Caroline and BT's gifts are very inspiring in their own way too.
    I love them so much!

  9. Isn't it wonderful to have so much to be thankful for? We are all blessed to have found this blog friendship thing....I didn't understand it before I started blogging but now I can't imagine my life without all of you!

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  11. I have some surprise for you too. The mail will be mail out next Monday.
    Pls. kindly await 7 to 14 days to reach you.

    Thank you Marianne and God bless you:)


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