Monday, April 4, 2011

Cactus Monday / Orange Hummingbird

Before  I completely fall of the Cactus Monday wagon (or our Chief Cactuteer throws me off herself)
here is my contribution for this week. Just a quick sketch of a Amazilia hummingbird on a cactus. Picture from the internet.
Last week, on a Monday I was in Miami and made this picture, but couldn't upload it then.
But I was thinking about you all!

Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Good to hear you are busy traveling around Marianne. I really like the hummer and cactus. We have a Rufous Hummingbird in the West. It would be right at home on this cactus.

  2. i love your watercolors, marianne. they are so darn sweet. xo

    you were in miami? i too often think of you so far away so i like it that you are closer than i think sometimes. ♥


  3. This is wonderful. I have a thing for Hummingbirds anyway.

  4. I love this painting! You know how precious little "Hummers" are to me too....and the colours here are so vivid - so tropical - so Florida! Ha-ha! The Florida photo is wonderful ..... glad you were thinking of us - cos' we were thinking of you too!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  5. So sweet Marianne! That little hummer looks right at home on that cactus and on your page.
    Like I would ever throw you off CM!!


  6. OMG! Marianne...I cannot believe you had come so close to where I live!!! It seems surreal.

    You KNOW I love your orange hummer!!! Really gorgeous! Now, if only I could remember to do a Cactus Monday post! I'm sure Teri has given up on me!!! :(

  7. I love the shimmery look of the hummingbird - it's very pretty. I don't think she'll throw you off, I didn't participate for about 6 months but she took me back with open arms!

  8. oh Marianne!!!!! your hummingbird made my day...I can't wait to see my birds back this year!!! I have missed watching them by the hummingbird feeder!!!!

    beautiful work!!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!! and I am so glad the package arrived safe and sound!!!!

  9. Love this Marianne...We are now seeing views of this in real life here in the have captured it perfectly!

  10. pretty painting, it perfectly reflects how delicate and small the hummingbird is. i'd love to see this one!

  11. i like the sense of freedom in your quick sketch style.


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