Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Animal Wednesday / the fisherman and the crow crow vs eagle

My SIL sent me this inspiring video of how smart ravens are. I am sure it won't come as a surprise. Some may have seen this one before but I know I will make a few friends happy with it. Well a reprise isn't that bad either.....

A winter video. Here after a short spring Summer has arrived :) 75 degrees and sunny. It will stay this way all week!

I am in Rotterdam at my brothers house. Just started a standby period of 14 days, so I have no idea where and whenI will fly.

Well That leaves me to enjoy the beautiful weather while it is here. Not much to do in his garden. His house and garden are immaculate. What a difference with my place..........

I just love the peace and quiet here and the immaculate surrounding. I will enjoy my time here.

Maybe some time for art............anyway time to relax.

Now I will plant my geraniums I brought him. Hey.................I have a job!!!!!

Hope you are enjoying your day:)

Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. What a fabulous video. I really liked it Marianne. HAW to you. I hope you enjoy your down time at your Brother's house. Sounds like a good time for some art work to me. Maybe you can cook dinner for him. That would be a nice thing to do.

  2. lovely vid. enjoy the peace and quiet, and his garden, i bet your animlas and kids miss you while you are away. HAW and wfs to you.

  3. well you know I LOVED this video!! And the photography was wonderful, even his shadow in the trees.
    Ravens are so smart! Thanks for posting this.

    Enjoy your "me time!"
    I love very tidy places too, just wish it was mine sometimes ;P

    Will you be there for 2 weeks? I guess I didn't think so from your email. That's a long time. I hope you don't get called to Tokyo either :(

    Enjoy the sun. I'm jealous of that!


  4. Oh i'm envious, i love Rotterdam and my brother too! enjoy your waiting period Marianne, it must be nice to catch up and find the time to create.
    and i love geraniums too!
    happy aw!

  5. Well, I am very happy :-). I love seeing the ravens, how wonderful and smart they are and finally we have proof! My favorite bird. Thank you for this. Have fun in the garden! xoxo

  6. A fantastic video! As one of the "Raven Sisters" , I adore seeing them in all their clever glory! (Lo, see the glistening feathers, curved beak - and large size - not that smaller than Mr. Eagle...)

    Enjoy your pre-flight time in your quiet environment! (But I know you are missed at home... time for a Sjimmie post when you return...I miss him!)

    Sending you many, many hugs!

    Love and Tulips!

    Dein Zuster von San Francisco,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  7. Thanks for the Video- enjoy your vacation. Planting in the garden is very relaxing and therapeutic. I've been doing it almost every morning before I start my day...and love it!

    Have a wonderful time!

  8. love this! i kept thinking , gee, they look just like lo's ravens!

    i hope you relax and draw and paint and cook. i hope the on call doesn't come :^)


  9. I was so amazed at this video I had ot have my husband watch it. We have lots of ravens in our backyard in Wisconsin. And of course I thought of Lolo!

    Enjoy your free time to the max Marianne!


  10. Incredible! Persistance pays.
    Amazing how the raven knows to stand on the line each time it pulls some out of the hole. Humans aren't necessarily the smartes species on the planet. Just the most plentiful.

  11. it's taken me till sunday to catch up but wow! this is an amazing video. I had no idea that ravens were really THIS smart.

    Hope you are enjoying your time off and the spring weather. We should have a warm sunday today...I hope! Happy Easter to you and your family.


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