Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Animal Wednesday / peacock

One of the egg mandalas.
I am always fascinated by the peacock. There is something unreal to this bird. It's long feathers, the iridescence on some of them. Well it is hard not to notice them without awe.

Have an awesome day:)
Happy Animal Wednesday ♥


  1. Yes, Marianne....Peacocks ARE inspiring, awesome and powerful in their beauty and majesty! I can see why you wanted to create a Mandala with the blue-green Peacocks as your main theme! (Would love to see you do a White Peacock one too!)



    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. This is wonderful. I love these birds. We have some in our area about half an hour away in a protected place where one can go walk and go horse back riding too.. I got to see them and take some pretty cool photos a few years ago.

  3. This beautiful painting is gorgeous Marianne. Just seeing the word 'peacock' with Marianne, we know it is going to be a beauty!


  4. I agree they are beautiful. I feel the same about all your mandalas!
    Happy Animal Wednesday Marianne!

  5. Another beautiful Mandala, Marianne! I love peacocks too and in fact just had fun using some of my peacock photos for a photo mosaic.x

  6. OMG love it!!!!
    Have to confess I was not nice when I was little,the neighbours of my grandma had some and I pulled out the featers (((;found them so beautiful...
    Poor thing so sorry....
    What is a eggmandala (blond you know)
    Start packing now,bought far to much plants and want to take them all,poor Ruud has to find a way to get them in the car,LOL.


  7. They are gorgeous birds but your mandala is even more beautiful

  8. I love the way you have incorporated the peacock into this mandala Marianne. Beautiful colors and wonderful design. HAW

  9. Oh so pretty with the blues and greens and glitter! I think these birds are magnificent. I wish the females weren't called peahens :P

    You should paint a giant peacock canvas at martins ;)


  10. This is beautiful! I love peacocks, too. In Southern California there are several places where they run wild. We used to have them up in the mountains where I lived, and I could hear them settling down in the trees at night. They have a distinctive cry. Happy weekend! xox Pam

  11. goeie dag liefling. ja, ek is terug in bloggyland! het jy my gemis? ek hou van jou profile pic, mooi meisie. baie groete en wfs.

  12. They do look so exotic and somewhat prehistoric, don't they. I love them, too, but I know that they are agressive and noisy birds.
    Love your mandala of them.

  13. Isn't nature amazing? and your painting is also Marianne. So very pretty!

  14. oh wow Marianne!!! love your peacock Mandala!!! it is gorgeous!!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

  15. i'm fascinated by the little heads with the width of a majestic body!

    i love how and what you paint, marianne.



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