Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Animal Wednesday / Joep

A birth mandala made for Joep.
As an animal totem I picked the fish for him as his astrological sign is also Pisces. (click to enlarge)
Somehow I was happy that his life path number turned out to be number 9. I kinda miss the number 9 in all these mandalas of children born after the year 2000. 
I looked up an old post of mine about number 9 and saw it was dedicated to my dad......
What a coincidence, it is his birthday today!
In my living I have a million rainbows thanks to the chandelier and the sun at this very moment. Guess they are there for my dad ;)

Happy rainbows and Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. This is lovely M!! I hope it's not a sad day for you.

    Is your rainbow maker still not working? I'm happy the chandelier provides some prisms ;)

    I got a frida postcard today!!

    Did you get my mandala email? I love having you and Felix with me.

    Hurray for sunshine!


  2. P.S. Birthday blessings to your dad, wherever he is♥

  3. Oh Marianne, this is just GORGEOUS!!!!! WOW!


  4. I have no idea how this can be but they seem, your mandalas, to continue to keep getting more and more beautiful with each and every one of them. This on is a stunner.

    Happy Birthday to your dear sweet father and blessings are in all those rainbows shining down on you today!

  5. Beautiful, dreamy Mandala! Every time you create one, I wait with bated breath to see it...

    Your Father KNOWS you are thinking of him today.... may the day be a warm and sunshine-filled one.

    Love to all (and extra kisses to beloved "PoD")!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. I agree with Lynn - your mandala's get more beautiful and more creative every time.
    And your Dad....yes - birthday greetings to our dad's - they were our first boyfriends!

  7. ♥ to your dad and to you, marianne. i hope you are having enough time to garden and to paint. it's still too cold here but i am ever hopeful

    love love

  8. These fishes are beautiful. I love these colorful mandalas. HAW.

  9. hi marianne!
    oh what a gorgeous mandala you created with so much love!
    happy happy thursday!

  10. How do you keep making these gorgeous mandalas??? Another incredible creation!!!!!

  11. Beautiful work Marianne,just love those vibrant colours and sparkly bits.

  12. how did i miss this? such a beautiful mandala again Marianne, every one is my favorite. i'm glad you have such good memories of your dad.

    enjoy your weekend!

  13. First I want to say thank you for your sweet comment on my bloggy.
    And I also wanted to tell you that when I look at your mandala's I always feel peace and love.
    I remember when I did not understand what one was,,, but then you explained it to me.
    I feel the love you put in each one that you design,

  14. Inspired and radiant..thank you for sharing your art with us..we like visiting your blog.

  15. Hi Marianne!!!! I love this mandala!!! you always create magic with each new piece.....Birth Mandalas are so neat....I love it and I feel your joy when you talk about your Dad ....he will always be in your life....and he will always watch over you and your family!!!



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