Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Animal Wednesday / fur coats

 Robin asked me to post a picture of Sjimmie for AW.
Here he is enjoying the afternoon sun on the windowsill today.
Yesterday evening he nearly brought in Mr. Bo Jangles again but Mom prevented it by ringing the bell which means food!!!!!
 Here is Koekie with her new summer haircut.
 Here is Droppie, also with her new haircut. Today it dropped 10 degrees Celsius...............
Mommy where is my coat????!!!!!

Here I am behind the window with my gorgeous fur coat enjoying the afternoon sun.
Glad I don't have to be trimmed. My coat is gorgeous all year round. Never too warm or cold. My mom doesn't need to comb or cut my hair. I am just perfect the way I am.

Hope you are too!

Happy Animal Wednesday! 


  1. All of your animals look so happy and healthy. Sjimmie is King of the court of course. HAW.

  2. All your pets are adorable. What is it with this cold weather hanging around? Time to go.

  3. There he is!!!!! The fabulous Sjimmie (aka "PoD")! Thank you Marianne....for posting photos of Konig Sjimmie! He gets more beautiful daily - and - he knows it! What a poser!

    Of course, Koekie and Droppie are also their new Summer "do's"...and they will too - when it FINALLY warms up!


    Love to all,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. oh they're all healthy and happy looking and oh so neat! of course, mr slick doesn't need much to keep looking gorgeous -

  5. Hello to Sjimmie, Droppie, and Koekie! You guys are all so darn cute! New haircuts on doggies look so adorable!

  6. they are all so sweet and good too to stand still for photos.

  7. Sjimmie lives the life of a king!

    The pups look so cute with their spring cuts. I got a spring haircut too!

    Not fair that cold air came back :(

    HAW a day late!


  8. Prachtige beestjes heb je toch!! 't Was inderdaad ineens erg frisjes geworden... en nu regent het (maar da's goed voor de natuur, zeggen we maar).

  9. ah your family, marianne. all beautifully handsome. ♥


  10. oh these guys are so so cute!!!! love your animal Wednesdays Marianne!!!

    Hope you can join us on Saturdays for "Sweet Saturdays" links....

  11. What sweet pets you have- I can't get over Sjimmie looking so much like my late Middi cat whose furcoat was so sleek and shiny all the time.

    Aren't fur people fun?

  12. Beautiful pictures. I think I might be part cat... nothing like basking in the glow of the sun! Thanks for sharing and hope you and the family are doing well. :)

  13. Koekie and Droppie,your Mom knows a shop in BKK they sell them ;))

  14. How'd I miss these? Such cute babies you have, that last photo is a gem!!!


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