Thursday, January 8, 2009

Number 4 / Green

ATC for number 4. Thanks for all your reactions on my previous posts! Today I will have to pack. My holiday is over. This afternoon I will go to Rotterdam and take my parents to the cardiologist together with my brother. I will stay there as tomorrow I will start with 5 days of standby, such a disappointment after a holiday I think...... But I will visit my friend Aulikki first, who lives in Rotterdam and will stay there for 2 days, that´s if I don´t get called for a flight. The rest of the time I will spend at my brother´s and parents place. Will be living out of bags. I will try to blog from there when I get a chance. Hope they call me for a sunny destination, it´s sooo cold here. ATC voor nummer 4. Bedankt voor al jullie reacties op mijn laatste posts.! Vandaag ga ik pakken. Mijn vakantie zit er op. Vanmiddag ga ik naar Rotterdam en gaan mijn broer en ik met mijn ouders naar de cardioloog. s´Avonds ga ik Naar Aulikki waar ik 2 dagen blijf, als ik niet opgeroepen wordt tenminste. Morgen begint maar 5 daagse blokreserve, altijd zo´n domper na de vakantie...... De rest van de tijd ben ik bij mijn broer en ouders levend uit mijn tassen. Ik zal proberen om van daar te bloggen als ik de kans krijg. Ik hoop dat ze me oproepen voor een zonnige bestemming, ik ben die kou en ijspret al helemaal zat. (repost of Green) Green is common in nature, especially in plants. Many plants are green mainly because of a complex chemical known as chlorophyll which is involved in photosynthesis.Some animals are green: these include some frogs, toads, some turtles, some lizards and amphibians, some snakes, some birds such as parrots, caterpillars and some insects such as praying mantis. Green algae and green plankton are important food sources at the bottom of the food chain. Frogs often appear green because light reflects off of a blue underlayer of chemicals and through a yellow upperlayer, filtering the light to be primarily green. Green is not a primary color, but is created out of a mixture of yellow and blue, or yellow and cyan. There is a huge quantity of variations of green and they all have a name, I didn't know that (click on the image above and you'll see) there is even a Kelly Green (this one is for you Kelly! I found Kelly's Web log by this beautiful mandala, which you have to see!) Kelly green is a shade of green that is popular in Ireland and among most Irish-Americans as well as most people of Irish ancestry wherever they reside. The name kelly green for the color originated in Ireland. The name derives from the fact that the first name Kelly, as well as the color green, are both popular in Ireland. The first recorded use of the term kelly green as a color name in English was in 1935. Culturally, green has broad and sometimes contradictory meanings. In some cultures, green symbolizes hope and growth, while in others, it is associated with death, sickness, or the devil. The most common associations, however, are found in its ties to nature. For example, Islam venerates the color, as it expects paradise to be full of lush greenery. Green is also associated with regeneration, fertility and rebirth for its connections to nature. Recent political groups have taken on the color as symbol of environmental protection and social justice, and consider themselves part of the green movement, some naming themselves green parties. This has led to similar campaigns in advertising, as companies have sold green, or environmentally friendly, products. Green The Nature Lover If your favorite color is green you are a natural, down to earth person who enjoys the outdoors. You are lucky and are likely to experience wealth. Calm and creative, you have a deep understanding of life. You have a healing spirit. Green is associated with the number 4 and is the color of the Heart Chakra, also known as Anahata. This chakra is located at the center of the chest area and is linked to the heart, lungs, circulatory system, cardiac plexus, and the complete chest area. The Heart Chakra bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds. Opening the Heart Chakra allows a person to love more, empathize, and feel compassion. Gemstones that will aid the Heart Chakra include jade and malachite. Links: All About Green, Wikipedia, Variations of Green, Kelly Green, Key 2 Healing, Green Collage Informatie over groen in het Nederlands


  1. I never knew that there was that much to write about GREEN. I love that last photo of the face and the waterfall. really great.
    Do you ever get to fly to Boston? Let me know!

  2. i am waiting for red....ek het gedink jy gaan werk in die volgende week. ek hopp dis n baie mooi plek vir jou...liefs en wfs en geniet die tyd met jou familie.

  3. The frog mandala is just outstanding. I am glad you are repeating some of the color descriptions because I haven't seen them before.

    Happy traveling...

  4. I am so enjoying these posts! And this ATC is fantastic, maybe because my husband is Irish, so it speaks to me all the more. =)
    Have a safe trip and look forward to seeing more of your ATCs. Let me know when you are up for a trade.

  5. So many great discoveries here. Mandala, photos, sharing....etc.
    Thanks, my favourite colour green. He...He...

  6. have a wonderful trip marianne!
    i love your green post!
    m & e

  7. oh wow Marianne!!! what a great in one of my favorite colours.....

    Have a safe trip....


  8. I'm going to cry when this series is over! You are so informative and the mandals are stunning, as always! I love the froggies :)

    Soulbrush...she already did red :)

    Marianne, have a safe journey. I'll hold good thoughts. XX

  9. Another fantastic mandala!! While green is not my favorite color, I could be convinced to make it so with all these wonderful images.

    Safe travels Marianne.

  10. Ah, green, my favourite colour! To me, green signifies both nature as well as balance, since it is a mix of a warm colour (yellow) and a cool colour (blue).

  11. Such lovely mandalas and photos of green. As always wonderful details about the color. Have a great time and I too hope you go to a warm place, I can feel the warmth vicariously.

  12. Marianne, this is lovely. All of the information about green is super interesting. I learned a lot about how different colors affect people (socially), as a designer and a lot of work around color trends. This is wonderful and so personal.

    I hope all goes well with your parents. It is difficult when you have to begin to understand in greater detail about their health. It sounds as though you have the support of your brother and that is great.

    Have a good trip/trips! I wish for you a warm location.

  13. Again...beautiful work and awords...that waterfall was amazing! Love this series! :)

  14. Lovely, all the greens. Our oldest granddaughter loves green with pink and lots of tree frogs!


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