Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Animal Wednesday / San Francisco

 The first one we met was "Emma"
 elegant dogs and owners.............
 I forgot her name but she was cute and sweet! I think Robin remembers what her name was.
 A turtle
 Mr. Orange greeting Robin ♥ Oh my...he is so handsome and sweet!
 I loved her!
 Waiting at safe distance
 Aware of the strange woman.........(me) but you see still looking at his mistress :)
 At Bay Bridge
 Pelicans (click to enlarge)
 Our sister joined us for lunch
A blackbird. Can you believe it was the first time I saw these?! We don't have them here.
I think they are very elegant and they have such smart eyes!
(I think the female look sweeter and the male smarter, but maybe it is just like in real life, that it looks that way but it is the other way around.....)

Animals make our life complete. And a trip without is just a trip.
This was a journey with animals and a dear friend. Wow I guess that makes me a lucky duck ( as KJ would say).

HAW to all of you!


  1. awesome! all those lovely animals coming to visit you. HAW to all

  2. It is wonderful that you saw so much wildlife when you were with Robin. You got a life bird too. Wonderful. HAW.

  3. oh what fun!!!! ok Marianne...maybe it is too early for join me in Paris!!!! I have a drink for you and a treat!!!!!

  4. there is wild life everywhere i guess. nice to see robins wild cats. meow

  5. I LOVED the picture of Robin holding her arms open and the yellow kitty running up to them. How adorable. I also loved the black cat peeking over the fence. What great memories you have.

  6. Such a sweet post. You are right, animals ( and birds) bring so much love into our lives.

  7. Wonderful animals, all! And yes, you are a lucky duck :-). xoxo

  8. It sounds like you both had such a lovely time! It's wonderful when blogger friends from around the world can enjoy each other in real life - It makes me happy just to watch you two get to have fun.

  9. What lovely critter pictures. And I love Robin's cat (cats?). It looks like you had great weather - lots of sunshine!! xo Pam

  10. haha! I was looking at you two from the rooftop ;)

    Wonderful pictures! I love the "Emma" shot. I'm so glad SF had sunshine days for you both instead of fog.

    I was there in spirit (and on the phone!)

    Next year....yes indeed!


  11. you really take the cake for enormous cunt of the day

    cats eat burds dummy

    "we don't have them here"

    loving cats comes with the predatorial mindset that is too lazy to build mouseproof storage .. hence love of cats ... a vicious circle jerk

  12. Piet you don't have to visit my blog.
    Get a life!

  13. Animals Everywhere! And all so cute. HAW!

  14. Marianne, I would delete Piets comment. That was so rude it should be removed.


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