Friday, November 25, 2011


Today my heart was filled with sadness when I saw that our beloved Sunshine had died.
It was Teri's bird who flew into her life two years ago.
On her blog she posted about this sweet little bird and she always filled my heart with joy.
I know Teri will be heartbroken and that she will miss this little girl.
And so will I and many others. I enjoyed her adventures so much!
Teri I am so sorry for your loss.
Hugs from Sjimmie and me.


  1. Oh Marianne....what gorgeous tributes to the *One and Only Sunshine*! Both of these paintings brought have captured this little birds *sparkle* in her mischievious eyes! I know Teri will be moved....

    We will all miss Sunshine so much..


    ♥ Robin ♥

  2. How sad to learn of this loss. You have created such lovely paintings for Teri. She will be touched and pleased and comforted.

  3. This is a beautiful portrait of Sunshine - I didn't know he was gone. I'll be looking at Teri's blog next. He was such a sweet and funny bird.

  4. Oh Marianne!!!! this is such a wonderful painting of your feathered friend!!!! I love this!!!!

  5. Oh Marianne, this is the sweetest. I am so touched I am in tears again.
    We put her to rest today. Been a hard day.
    Hugs back to you and Sjimmie.

  6. What a beautiful tribute to Sunshine. We will all miss that beautiful little feathered friend.

  7. beautiful painting. Sad about sunshine. our little ones are so dear to us. be well, suki

  8. Oh, Marianne! How beautiful of you!!! You are the best!

  9. Oh NO! I didn't know about this- how awful, this is such a lovely mandala in honour of that little sweet bird.

  10. Ah, Marianne. Such a sweet tribute to our good friend Sunshine. I loved that little bird like she was mine and I can't believe the tragedy. Yes, we are all hurting right along with Teri.
    Lovely painting.

  11. i was so heartbroken to hear about Sunshine - how sad. I'm devastated for Teri and her DH - I know that they are so upset. but this is a lovely portrait!


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