Sunday, November 27, 2011

Before and after...........

 Finally after 3 months all is finished.
 Here are a few before and after pictures

 I have been painting for weeks. I got rid of all the yellow,
 which was in the house when we moved in.
 And replaced it by white.
I rearranged the art and had to store some. As I am missing part of a wall where my bathroom door is now.
But I will hang these in my new studio which I will built next year.

We also replaced all the doors except the front door and the one at the end of  the corridor. These were originals from 1920. The others were done in a later renovation probably in the sixties.
 A corner I didn't use
was turned into a bathroom

Here the outside and...........
 A peek inside.........

In the kitchen this green had to go

 I also painted all my kitchen cabinets and this paneling. 

And all the walls ...........
 And ceilings...............
 I am so happy it is over.......

 And the yellow is gone.

 New knobs on the cupboard where the electric installation is.

 When I stepped in this corridor 8 years ago it was love at first sight.

I am so happy to live here :)
I always love to step inside my home.

I will be off until next Sunday!
Yeah a whole week and guess what I will do?!
But this time I will be a mandala.

Have a wonderful week everyone.


  1. everything looks just gorgeous. what a precious house this is. Love the stained glass and doors and everything. have a wonderful week of making art. Hugs, Suki

  2. wow- you've been working overtime! what a big job - not only painting but doing construction also - wow!!!

  3. It looks GORGEOUS..Very rich looking. Lots of work but its worth it. How funny.. you painted white to get rid of yellow and I painted yellow and other colors to get rid of white. :) Enjoy your time off.

  4. All of your hard work has paid off beautifully. I love seeing the before and after photos. I can see why you love your home so much. It is so warm and inviting. Enjoy your week off.

  5. Your home is beautiful - I would love entering it every day too! I didn't mind the yellow, but sometimes there is too much of a certain color and if it's not what you picked it gets old. It looks so bright with all the white. Enjoy your week of painting!

  6. I love white! My house is white too and every time we repaint...I want white!
    I love your stained glass and your corridor is perfect now for your art!
    I am enjoying getting to know you.
    Enjoy your break!

  7. aw marianne, it is all beautiful. the white has such a softness to it. and to see your paintings along the walls is so so fun.

    i know how much work painting takes, all that prep. your effort is so obvious. fantastic!!

    i am so happy to be able to now 'see' you in your home.


  8. oh my goodness thats a lot of work, what a beautiful job you've done. it all looks so lovely marianne, i especially love the art you've made thats hanging on those pretty walls. wonderful.

  9. What a beautiful fresh new look!!! Congrats on getting it all done. Have loads of fun on your week off.
    Xoxo julie

  10. How beautiful!!!! Normally I don't like everything white but in this case it was a perfect choice! And you do such beautiful precise work. I'm not surprised :)

    I love the before and after shots. Next...the studio!

    Miss you!

  11. oh wow Marianne!!!!!!!!! Everything looks amazing!!!! what a gorgeous transformation.....I love the art on your walls too!!!

  12. How absolutely beautiful, and it hasn't the 'look' of Dutch homes as i know them, it is airier, more open and modern, and it has your 'touch' in it- how glorious! Pop over to my etsy shop for some good price reductions this till the end of 2011.

  13. It looks wonderful! I love the crisp fresh feeling of all the white and it showcases your colorful pieces so perfectly.
    What a thrill to have accomplished all of this. Thanks for sharing. :)

  14. I love all the changes! Stunning!

  15. What a transformation! You have really been a busy bee. The new look is to die for. So much cleaner and more sophisticated. I love your new look too, and your home is just beautiful.

  16. You have a delightful home Marianne! It looks lovely and fresh with its new coats of paint!

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