Monday, November 21, 2011

Cactus Monday

Cactus Fruit Mandala

After painting wood all day I decided it was time to do a little art. I miss painting ..................
Well I haven't done much else but I mean art of course.
My corridor is coming along fine. I only have to paint my doors (6) and then I am finished.
But then in December my shed will be delivered and that means again a lot of painting :(

I returned from Shanghai yesterday. In Shanghai I couldn't visit any blogs....... some kind of censure I guess.
Thank Goodness for freedom of speech.
I had a good trip, did a lot of shopping, most of it gifts.
The weather was strange, warm the first day nearly hot, the second day chilly and foggy.
I didn't take any pictures as I nearly spent all my time inside.
But I always enjoy my time in the Far East. I just love it there and I love the food!

Hope everyone is doing OK! And that I will have time to visit you all this week.

Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. This cactus bloom looks seriously like a mandala.

  2. Cool painting. Shame about the sensorship over there. Guess we dont realize how good we have it..

  3. You're back already?? I swear I have no idea of time anymore. I hope this passes ;P

    I love this mandala! It's a natural you!


  4. Oh sweet little mandala cactus bloom

    I'm glad you got some other painting in. Sounds like quite a job.


  5. What a gorgeous cactus bloom! I'm glad you arrived back safely, sure you are tired of painting walls but you certainly will appreciate it all!

  6. i love love love your watercolors, marianne. i think i would know them anywhere now.

    and...upon reading this i heard myself say that i would like to meet you in Shanghai some time some day. i would eat and shop happily along side you. JB too.

    here's wishing you peaceful painting.


  7. Happy Cactus Monday~
    Glad your trip went well. It must be so amazing to see all of the places you do, Marianne!! Your house sounds like it is shaping up...and how nice will it be to have the new shed??? If I had one I would move into it, and leave all others in the house!!! Hehehe.

  8. You sound like you've been busy! I'm sure traveling to all those countries is fun and interesting but often it's just nice to be home too. Your cactus blossom is very pretty!

  9. you do so much in your life Marianne. what energy. hall painting is not the most exciting, ditto doors but i know it will all be gorgeous when done.

    not sure if you celebrate thanksgiving, it's so American a holiday, but if you do, have a happy day. love, suki

  10. I love your new watercolour Marianne!!!! this cactus piece looks great with the colours you used!!!!

    Thank you for the sweet comment and you sure made my day with your sweet visit!!!



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