Monday, April 16, 2012

Lenny part 3 and Cactus Monday

Lenny is born in the month April, number 4.
For this number I picked 4 Bodhi leaves. This is a symbol I wanted to use  for a very long time and now was the time :)
According to Buddhist tradition, Siddharta Gautama abandoned years of rigorous fasting and asceticism by accepting milk and honey from a young woman. He then sat down beneath the Bodhi Tree and vowed not to move until he attained enlightenment. After 49 days of concentrated meditation and several battles with Mara (illusion), Siddharta became the Buddha, the "Enlightened One."
Buddha under the Bodhi Tree
This year I received a painted Bodhi leaf ( a similar one) from my  Mantra teacher, which I will hang in my new studio
This Bodhi Tree I found in Thailand last February. I always love to find a Bodhi tree on my travels 
or Bodhi  leaves.

I love this kind of music :)

And since it is Monday I have to show you a picture of my cactus I bought last year.
Do you see the buds?! I was surprised to find these last week.
I am not good at all in taking care of plants in the house. So maybe cacti are my kind of plants :)
I water them once a month and........ this is what is about to happen. More later on another cactus Monday.

Happy Cactus Monday !


  1. That painted leaf is beautiful. Such intricate painting. Your mandala is coming along beautifully. Happy Cactus Monday.

  2. One of the main reasons I adore your Mandalas is that each one is research the numerolgy and add in your knowledge of what makes that particular person *be*... Now that you have shown us the creative flow of your Mandalas, I love to spend time just watching them flow into being.

    I love the Siddhartha painting! I always liked the story of he became Buddah. The handpainted Bodhi Leaf is WILL add a sense of peace and harmony to your studio.

    The Cactus - blooming!!! Hooray! I love them - but never had much luck with them in my office... perhaps I will try again at home.



    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. I knew right away it was Bodhi leaves on the mandala ;)
    This will be another beautiful one, I just know it!

    What a nice gift you got. It will be perfect in that wonderful new studio of yours!

    Love you~

  4. I always love watching you make a mandala and all the info that goes with it.
    That leaf painting is just awesome!
    And your cactus is about to bloom, how exciting is that!!!!


  5. How cool to find bodhi trees in places where you travel! The music makes me think of very relaxing chinese (or asian) music. Very relaxing and peaceful!!!

  6. Beautiful mandala, I know it will just keep getting better until you are finished with it. Love the bodhi leaves! Congrats on the buds.

  7. oh wow Marianne!!!! this is gorgeous!!!! you are so talented!!!! I love these amazing photos too!!!! I always am traveling through your photos!!!!

  8. I actually never thought about Mandalas till I met you and saw your wonderful artwork. I think the reason I like them so much is that they remind me of an image I might see in a Kaleidoscope. I was addicted to my grandpa's Kaleidoscope and looked through it for hours - it was the old fashion kind with glass chips.
    What beautiful, heart shaped leaves the Bodhi tree has. I never heard of that tree either and I just adore trees - all of them! I also love learning something new every day - keeps life interesting. I'm listening to the music you posted and find it very soothing and encouraging to let the mind wander... I'm a wandering kind of a soul, but even though I'm pretty much "stuck" there is so much to explore and learn, just in front of your very eyes if you only will.
    Thank you for sharing your talent and wisdom with us.


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