Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lenny step 1

Tonight I went to a birthday party of my friend Lenny.
We haven´t seen each other in 30 years and re connected through the internet in 2010
(you can read how in this post)
After our contact it took a while before we established our first meeting which was 2 weeks ago.
This is me with my 2 high school friends. It was good to see them again and I was amazed how little they had changed. Lenny (on the left) was exactly  the same and Meity (on the right ) too, except she had long hair.
We met to catch up  before the birthday party this evening.
The party was wonderful, but we didn't have much time to talk , just like we expected. I met some old friends from 30 years ago as well. Saw Lenny's Mom, sister and brother. Meity's family and we drove past my old home.

I gave her a birth mandala for her 50th  birthday.
Above is the first step.
The 2. An orange Yin Yang symbol This symbol represents the primal opposing but complementary forces found in all things in the universe. Depicted as it is, it also outlines the necessity of balance in all things.
Usually this symbol is painted in black and white but since I use it for the number 2 I used different colors of orange.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend:)
Have a Yin Yang kind of a day :)


  1. Hi Marianne! How cool that you still have friends from so many years ago. It just speaks to the lovely friend that you are. :) Hope you are have a great week - xox

    1. Thanks but it takes 2 to tango ;) You have a great week too dear ♥

  2. what a wonderful meet up, and how thrilled your friend must have been to recieve your beautiful mandala!

  3. How great to see old friends, Marianne! You look gorgeous, BTW!!!

  4. I have to say that i am as lucky as lenny to call you my friend! thirty years a later and you still know the most important parts of one another, yes? i love being known like that.

    i would be interested in hearing what's changed and what hasn't in thirty years. as interested as i will be to see lenny's mandala. i look at mine every single solitary day.

    love love, marianne

  5. What a wonderful thing to reconnect with old friends. I will look forward to seeing how her mandala evolves. I always look forward to reading the descriptions of the different phases. You look great.

  6. Thirty years - this is a wonderful tribute to all three of you! I have never had a friend for thst long...but....hey - we only have 28 more years to go! A-ha-ha!

    Lenny has to be thrilled wirh her birth KJ says, once you have DO look at it daily - often several times - the ever-changing light reflects differently on it.
    And...of course, you think of the Artist - and smile with the knowledge that you are friends!


    ♥ Robin ♥


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