Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lenny step 6

A hexagon in indigo with 6 spirals in the corners. Some consider the spiral a symbol of the spiritual journey. It is also considered to represent the evolutionary process of learning and growing. It seems that life doesn't proceed in a straight line. The path of life more closely resemble a spiral. We seem to pass the same point over and over again but from a different perspective each time.

(How to draw a perfect hexagon)

Have a wonderful day:)


  1. Amazing to see this progress. What do you draw with, Marianne? Is this pencil or pen and ink??? xox

    1. This mandala is made with Dr. Ph. Martin's watercolors, micron pen, gel pens and some glitter (which will turn up later) :)

  2. It's like looking down into a deep, glistening water....the sun casts reflections, the colours are drawn in deeper and deeper...

    Pure Magic, Marianne!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  3. Hexagon shape is an interesting shape!
    Now the Hexagon Mandala has the gentle external soft side to share. Making the round centre piece in the middle even more focused! Lovely lovely!


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