Sunday, April 1, 2012


Monique 01-04-1962

Today was a day I visited old friends.
Through internet I came in contact with 2 girlfriends from school and we have tried to meet for over one year now.
Today we finally did after 30 years.
It was a happy reunion!

After that visit I went to see my friend Monique who turned 50 today!
I know Monique for 34 years. We had  some years without contact but somehow we always reconnected again.
I know we will always be friends, with shorter and longer intervals of not seeing each other , but we always pick up where we left.

Have a nice Sunday :)


  1. Aren't friends like that the best? It's like you were just talking the day before. :) Lovely mandala - the butterflies! Swoon! I am having a lovely Sunday gardening. Hope yours is swell. xox

  2. How wonderful you get to see all your old friends, Marianne! I love the butterflies in your mandala!!!

  3. I love that when you can pick up where you left off! We're like that ;)

    Beautiful mandala! It has fewer colors than most, but I know the numbers tell you which way to go. It's very soothing with the blues and the butterflies!


    1. Yes we did too, lucky we didn't wait 30 years!!!!
      I was nice to see my school friends again and we had fun, somehow we were all 3 still the same.
      Monique I saw 2 years ago for the last time. Last year it was just a busy year and a lot going on health wise. But we agreed we should see each other more often than that.


  4. I love the kalidiscope of your mandalas always so beautiful. Happy for your friendships that last and last.

    1. Me too. When getting older I appreciate these friendship more and more.

  5. always such wonderful and magical things happening in your life marianne. the friendships and the things you make. so lovely :)

  6. Butterflies! How I love this piece... just lovely.
    Have a great weekend Marianne. :)


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