Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Stone Thrown into Still Water


  1. beautiful pictures Marianne. Magical.

  2. wow Marianne... i'm near to tears... this happens when i'm overwhelmed seeing a beauty...
    how artistically you recreated your modified viewpoint regarding Iran, as you mentioned...
    this work of art goes beyond your experience and talks of something archetypal and collective...

    when i first read these inspiring words by you on my blog, they sounded to me like a blessing... and i saw myself on a peak of a mountain stretching my hands toward all the world... and now i'm here lost in your mandala (the mountain is there) to find myself again...
    a new friend -- and one with much wisdom -- is a new world to discover.... a new life to live...
    thanks for being there... for being Marianne...

  3. Thanks for all your nice comments!
    And Human Being , you make me blush.......... thank you so much!

  4. I love these effects! Really beautiful.


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