Friday, May 16, 2008

Tehran / Teheran

I have been 2 days in Tehran, 2 days without my cellphone, internet and my glass of wine. Who would ever have thought that I would walk around with a shawl (I have strong feelings about that) without minding. Two wonderful days in which I met so many friendly people. I saw so many interesting things and I encountered so many emotions. This country has touched my heart. Ik ben 2 dagen in Teheran geweest, 2 dagen zonder mijn mobiel, internet, zonder mijn glaasje wijn. En wie had ooit gedacht dat ik met een hoofddoek op zou lopen (ik heb daar zo mijn bezwaren tegen) en het niet eens erg zou vinden........ Twee fantastische dagen, waarin ik zoveel lieve mensen heb ontmoet. Zoveel mooie dingen gezien en zoveel gevoelens ervaren. Dit land en zijn mensen heeft me geraakt. The palace of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Het paleis van de Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Lovely murals. Mooie muurschilderingen. Among all the wealth they had to leave behind stood this "antique" tv set..... Tussen alle rijkdom, die ze moesten achterlaten, stond deze "antieke" tv...... These people gave us a ride. Van deze mensen kregen we een lift. SO ZO MANY VEEL COLORS! KLEUREN! I loved this view Dit uitzicht vond ik zoooo mooi. And again wonderful friendly people who were eager to get to know you and want to communicate. Wederom een groep vriendelijke jonge mensen, die ontzettend nieuwsgierig naar ons waren en graag met ons wilden praten en op de foto wilden. If you want to see more photos please click here klik hier voor meer foto's Other links: Wikipedia Tiles from a 13th Century Iranian Mosque.


  1. Yes, I have an interest in your visit to Tehran. What was your purpose to travel there? I like learning more about it since meeting Human Being here in the blogs. She is from there and writes beautiful heart felt poetry on her blog. Now I can see her homeland. Thank you for sharing this, and for coming to my blog and the nice things you said there as well.

  2. What fun! Well I hope it is fun for you being there. It looks amazing to me. I guess you went on business? I think I could do the shawl thing though in really hot weather maybe not. I like the simplicity of it I guess, kind of like the Amish here.

  3. I too read human being's blog. So have such an interest in this land and city which is where she lives. You do go on interesting trips. Take care, Suki

  4. Hi Marianne!
    Suki kindly let me know about your blog and your visit to Tehran...
    Now I'm here watching you and your friends in my city... happy you liked it here...
    Your photos are very interesting as they present a new and fresh point of view to what is ordinary for us...
    Funny I sometimes buy fruits from that fruit stand in your photo (taken in Tajrish Bazzar)

    And you looked great in that shawl!

    I like Mandalas very much... to get lost in them to find myself again!

  5. What an interesting trip and such beautiful pictures. Yes, since HB is a blogging friend, we are all very interested in this beautiful city and it's culture. Thank you for sharing these photos!

  6. Thanks for all your nice comments!
    Especially fun that HB found my post through Suki.
    If you click on the link below the post you can see more pictures from Tehran.
    HB thanks for your comment on the shawl ;) I would never thought that I wouldn't mind . I felt solidarity with the women instead of oppressed by men.
    This trip forced me to revise my opinion in many ways (I like that!)
    Like I said to Human Being ; A stone thrown in still water.........

  7. Hi Marianne, I came to your blog fro Suki's blog too:) I looked at tall the pictures, how interesting to see Teheran with your eyes. I have never been there, but as for Lynn and Suki, Human Being is our common inspiration for our great curiosity concerning this country and it's people. Funny to imagine that she bought fruit at the fruit stand you photographed:)
    Have a wonderful Sunday
    Greetings from Paris

  8. Oh, thank you so much for sharing this trip with us. I have long wanted to visit Iran. And of course you found mandalas!

  9. hierdie is vir my baie interessante fotos en mense. jy is gelukkig om so baie nuwe dinge te sien met jou werk. geniet jou familie om al die fotos te sien as jy weer by die huis kom? liefs en wfs vriendin

  10. Iran, home of the beautiful blue tiled mosques, gardens and courtyards, poets and artists, carpets, beautiful ancient landscapes, the Shahnameh, and such history!
    Glad you had the opportunity to soak some of it in (:

    Asalaamu Aleikum to human being (:


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