Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Animal Wednesday #25

ATC made for Soul!
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. oh so so cool Marianne...every time I visit I have a new favorite piece....I love this and Cole loves it too!!!!


  2. Schitterend wat een mooie kleuren hartverwarmend.....
    Liefs Mar

  3. Soul will love this dainty giraffe. Such a beauty.

  4. Precious Giraffe for Soul. She will love it a lot.
    I do.

  5. simply fabulous marianne!

    i LOVE her eyelashes!

  6. lovely colors and such a delicate painting

  7. Oh, wow, I can feel the warmth of that sun. A light and beautiful painting. So fitting for Mrs. Soul!!!

  8. Lovely work on your website. I've fallen in love with many of the images. The mandala with the tiny peacock feathers --oooh, sweetly rendered. I do love this giraffe though, and its welcoming posture.

    What a lovely space to visit! Thank you1

  9. love those colors, marianne. feels serene. thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh, Souly-B is sooooo lucky!!! This is my favorite by you of all times!!!!! You did it all just perfect!

  11. Wow! Wow! Really magical to me.
    A super friendly one..He..He..
    Soulbrush is lucky to have this:)
    Thanks for your encouragement and kind words.
    Sorry to drop by late.
    I wish you and your family a great weekends ahead Marianne.

  12. oh jeez marianne, i WANT this atc. do you think i could bribe soulbrush? i am going to try.

    my partner jb loves giraffes. she would faint if this were in her christmas stocking.

    dearest darling soulbrush: is there any way i can bribe you into a trade or barter? i could clean your house, babysit, drive you around, take you shopping. i could give you a massage, buy you lunch, sing a song,.....

    i am so manipulative. this is what happens when i see something i just adore. great little atc marianne. xoxoxo and a wide smile

  13. Soulbrush won't be grumpy anymore when she sees this!!!

    KJ, shame on you! hands off!

    Beautiful. I love the fine lines of grasses. Magical Marianne!

    Big hugs, email later ;)

  14. ouch. not fair. why can't i whine and cajole? it's for a good cause.

    right marianne?


  15. Kj One can always try! And we don't want you to be any different then you are don't we?

  16. Oh my gosh, I love this so much. What a gorgeous Giraffe. I wonder do you have prints of this still?

    I LOVE giraffes!


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