Friday, October 23, 2009

Have a nice weekend!

Came home yesterday after 2 wonderful days in Chicago.
The weather was great, sunny and even Tuesday when rain was predicted the sun was there.
I did some shopping, went to Blick's and bought a few new colors of Dr. Ph Martins and a lot of brushes.
I discovered Eddie Bauer. After flying 25 years I finally went in that store and was pleasantly surprised. I bought some nice gifts for the boys here.
Bought vitamins at Whole Foods Market, which was also a discovery. Wow, what a great shop! We don't have anything like that here.
Meanwhile I did a lot of walking (really shopped till I dropped) and saw the town again, made some video's to show here at home (terrible quality). Discovered a lot of new tall buildings which weren't in my memory of the skyline yet. And enjoyed thousands of chrysantiums and all the Halloween decorations.
I also started a watercolor mandala, which I will show soon when finished.
Have a nice weekend!

You can click and save the large image as wallpaper if you like


  1. It sounds like you went to all of my favorite places to shop Marianne. No wonder you enjoyed your time in Chicago. Love your halloween drawings. Is that Sjimmie posing with a pumpkin in that last shot?? He must think there is a mouse in that pumpkin.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Yes that is a picture of Sjimmie taken last year, he was very interested in the pumpkin.......

  3. hi marianne!
    your trip sounds wonderful!
    i cannot wait to see what you create with your new art supplies!
    happy friday!!!


  4. Glad you liked Eddie Bauer. I have enjoyed their clothes since I was just a youngster. This is a wonderful shot of Sjimmie - perfect Halloween cat!

  5. LOL :) Wow! It seems you accomplish more in one trip than I do in a whole summer! Whole foods is a fave of ours very much to drool over! Nice halloweeny feel to this! :)

  6. marianne, i love chicago. knowing you are that close made me want to hop on a plane and come meet you!

    whole foods is a wonderful place. the fruit and vegetables are pricy, so i may only shop there once a month or so, but i always love the experience.

    my favorites list got turned upside down so i need to spend some time now visiting you and catching up.

    oh, emily says to tell you she wants to meet you. after her time with mim, she wants to know if you climb trees or if she should plan something else.


  7. How exciting to visit Dick Blick's store-something I have always wanted to do and never get close enough.

    Beautiful art Marianne, but I realy LOVELOVELOVE Sjimmies Halloween look.

  8. Cute Halloween Sjimmie!!!

    Your Chicago trip sounded devine!
    Glad the weather stayed nice for you!!!

  9. Hey hey hey!!! no climbing trees with Emily, no fair!!!

    Chicago is a great city isn't it? I was there this summer and walked all along the river and went to the natural history museum for a quick trip. I'd like to go back for a longer time

  10. love these both. what a great time you had, i always thought you get bored doing the same trips over and over again, but it seems you don't. happy weekend to you too, do your clocks go back too?

  11. this is so so sweet Marianne!!! and I love the photos too...I am late in wishing you a wonderful weekend....but here's to an equally wonderful week!!!



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