Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mandala for Peter

This is my latest birthmandala, which I painted last month, for Peter.
I like the combination of orange and blue here and the balanced feeling of this mandala.
(click to enlarge)
One of the symbols I used in Peter's Mandala is the peacock feather. In general, the Peacock is representative of glory, immortality, royalty, and incorruptibility. It is a possessor of some of the most admired human characteristics, and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty that can be achieved when we endeavor to better ourselves and better our lives. In history, myth, legend & lore, the peacock is considered an emblem of protection, nobility, watchfulness, guidance, and holiness. In Greco-Roman mythology the Peacock is identified with Hera (Juno) who created the peacock from Argus whose hundred eyes (seen on the tail feathers of the peacock) symbolize the vault of heaven and the “eyes” of the stars who watch all life unfolding . In Christianity the peacock represents the “all-seeing” church and the holiness & sanctity associated with it. Additionally, the peacock represents resurrection, renewal and immortality within the spiritual teachings of Christianity. In Hinduism the peacock is associated with Lakshmi who is a deity representing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and luck. Similar to Lakshmi, the peacock is associated with Kwan-yin in Japan – she is also an emblem of love, compassionate watchfulness, good-will, nurturing, and kind-heartedness. Kwan-yin chose to remain a mortal even though she could be immortal because she wished to stay behind and aid humanity in their spiritual evolution. In Babylonia and Persia the peacock is seen as a guardian to royalty, and is often seen in engravings upon the thrones of royalty.
Have a nice Sunday!


  1. As always a beautiful piece here.
    and interesting story to go with it.
    Our next quilt around the world challenge is a mandala. I will be looking at yours for guidance.

  2. Stunningly beautiful Marianne. This is my new fav of yours.

  3. MMMMM! Absolutely awesome... The peacock feathers are the star of the show...Glorious color!!!!! :)

  4. This is a marvelous mandala. All of the shading you did makes this one sing.


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