Monday, October 19, 2009

Cactus Monday (#53)

Since I missed one Cactus Monday (:(), this is my one year Anniversary for Cactus Monday!!!!!!

This video shows the making of last weeks Cactus Monday ATC!

Happy Cactus Monday to all you cactuteers and to you Teri!

Thanks for bringing the love of the cacti into my life!


  1. Leuk om te zien,het lijkt zo makkelijk....
    Nou ik ga maar een stoofschotel maken,do what you do best ;-)))
    xxx Mar

  2. I loved watching you!!!!
    What kind of brushes do you use? It looks like it holds water, does it? And it blends so well. I want one! Do you use inks?

    I'm in awe ;)
    And I enjoyed your happy tune!


  3. Great!
    I also wondered what kind of brushes you use.

  4. I started Cactus Monday early in Holland and now I am in Chicago!!!!! Still a half day to go here!
    The brushes are these travel watercolor brushes and indeed they hold water, I just love them because the tip stays a tip for long, They are perfect for ATCś
    And yes the watercolors are liquid Dr. Martins.

    Have a wonderful Cctus Monday to you all!

  5. Oh Marianne, Chicago is so close to were I live, yet far away. ONly a 5.5 hour drive for me to the airport. One of these days I would love to meet you. Happy Cactus Monday.

  6. P.S. It was fun watching you paint the cactus and bloom. Gosh you were fast. tee hee...

  7. Hi Marianne
    I only manage the first quarter of the video (I think it's my internet connection) but you sure made it look easy!

    HCM, Ev

  8. What fun to see her blossom into life before our very eyes! Happy Cactus Monday Bday! Hugs! :)

    Your spectacular cards arrived and I virtually "drool" over them nightly! How fun to see you in action! :)

  9. Now that was awesome to watch!!! Thanks for showing...

  10. Wow! I have just watched this cactus monday and the previous animal wednesday's video.
    All are so lovely and thoughtful!
    Thanks, happy to be here and you have a great passion in creation and loving animals.
    Keep it up Marianne!
    Great videos and I am looking for more:)

  11. OH WOW! this is just an amazing video. Thank you so much for putting this up. Your drawing is just beautiful and great technique. Judy


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