Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#18)

I traded 4 cards with Margaret and got one ATC print and lovely Moo card.
Most of my blogfriends know Margaret and her gorgeous work, if you don't you really have to visit and follow her blog for your daily eye candy! This card I got from our multi talented Lynn. Queen of Quilts! This ATC is a little mandala! How did she know I would love this....................?! The quilted cats are fabulous as well! See more of her stunning work here. I will be busy this weekend because my DH turns 60 Sunday! So I won't have so much time to blog and visit you all, but monday things will be back to normal so .................. Have a nice weekend and I hope you have lots of things to be thankful for, I know I have!


  1. What did we ever do before ATCs?! They are so fun. I loveLynn's and Margaret's art also. Those two are something else.

  2. Oh yes, I have plenty to be thankful for, you being one of them. I hope you have a great time celebrating those 60 wonderful years of life. Happy birthday to your husband.

  3. I love Margarets art so much...all her details...
    Thanks for showing and linking mine. So glad you like your quilted/felted mandala atc I made and the cats of course. So you.
    Happy birthday to your DH! Have a fun weekend.

  4. veels geluk vir jou liefling en ek wens hoim baie baie goeie jare voor hom. leifs en wfs, en moenie te veel koek eet nie! xx

  5. holy have a huge bunch of treasure here!!! lots to be thankful for!!!


  6. What fun to see my cards in your hands! I love that mandala quilt...I must go visit Lynn right away! :)LOL :)

    Have an extra special wonderful celebration this weekend...Happy Bday DH! :)


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