Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday (#19)

My friend Aulikki turned 80 this year
And she is still as young at heart as when we met 30 years ago.
Aulikki came to visit us this Monday and Tuesday.
Here she is playing Yatzee with the boys.
I am thankful for having her as my friend for such a long time.
Lisa sent me this U= for Unicorn of the sea.
First I thought it was just a magical creature, but she wrote so serious about it that I searched just in case.
And ........they really do exist.
Watch the video below and maybe you will be just as excited as I was when I saw these magical sea creatures . This is what I love about blogging, friends have always inspiring new things to share.
Thanks Lisa! I love the card (and notice the notecard made by Laurel)

I traded a card with Soul.

She is fast and I am slow, I just completed my mail and I have 6 envelops to be mailed tomorrow.

It is nearly on it's way. ;)

Thanks Soul for the tribal dress, which is gorgeous and all the extras. The bookmark is just perfect also (click to see details)

These beautiful ATC's came today, together with a lovely Moo card.
Recognize the gorgeous work of Margaret?
Notice the wonderful shimmer on the card on the right, something I didn't notice on her blog.
Thanks Margaret!
This Loot came in the mail from Lolo.
Wonderful Flower Power card just in the style of my latest ATC's.
She didn't know that, or did you Lo??
The T = for Taoist symbols is just such a pretty card.
Love , love it!
The buddha beneath is what was in the gorgeous green package. Thanks Lolo!

Hope you have a lot to be thankful for!


  1. Dat is toch niet te geloven 80 en zo'n jonge uitstraling...
    Aulikki wat is je geheim?
    Ja, een vriendin als Marianne houd je jong laat je zelfs over een touwbrug lopen ;-)).
    Lieve Vriendin ......ja ik heb heel veel om dankbaar te zijn.
    xxx Mar

  2. I am glad you liked your Unicorn of the sea Marianne. You have so many pretties. You have been mightly blessed.

  3. All beautiful things Marianne.
    And I am thankful for your friendship.

  4. What a bounty of lovely things!!

    I thought those were narwhals!! That's what I've always called them. Now it makes sense to me ;)

    I didn't know you were doing slower-power designs. I've bought a lot of this guys cards on Etsy, I just love his stuff! When I mail people I try to pick a design I think they'd I'm glad you like it!

    happy TT marianne!


  5. Beautiful friend, and beautiful friends! Beautiful post too!

  6. Oh I hope I look as good, bright, alert, happy, and beautiful as your friend does when I turn 80. And your sons are adorable, handsome young men. So nice to see your home and family and friend. Yes, Long friendships are so special I agree.

    And all this wonderful art warms my heart to see. I love our sharing on this sphere we are on.
    I saw the birth mandala you did for Laurel/Lolo on her blog and WOW, it is stunning! I was wowed by it. You are incredible.

    Yes, I am very grateful today and every day I wake up.

  7. HI Marianne!
    oh what a beautiful thankful thursday!

    i am thankful for having a friend like you!


  8. oh my heavens!!! so much to be thankful for!!! Sending you all the best !!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend Marianne!!!



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