Thursday, May 13, 2010


When I got back from Egypt yesterday this beautiful card was waiting for me!
Sjimmie in Egypt!
Lolo you always find the most appropriate cards and gifts for me!
I think he wished he could have traveled in our suitcase with us........
Our dear friends Miriam and Frans took good care of our house and cats, but Sjimmie doesn't like their dog Diesel so he was out most of the time.
Once inside and sure the dog was gone he gulped in a bowl of food in no time.
After that he relaxed and felt king of his castle again.
I know he is so happy we are back.
Miriam left me a card and it was a Sjimmie as well from the same artist as Lo's card!
Well how coincidental was that!
They are such beauties!
The cards are by Bug Art and the artist is Jane Crowther.
I can just look at them over and over again.
With Lolo's card came a gorgeous bookmark. 3D and with wonderful hummingbirds that seem to flutter......
Unfortunately you can't see it on the picture, but believe me it is awesome!
Thanks Lo for these thoughtful gifts!
I am having trouble today uploading pictures to blogger, but here are a few shots from my holiday. In random order..................
A sunflower under the palmtrees
The kids having fun together
I read 2 books this holiday!!!!!!
No internet and no art making. Well for 8 days I loved it !
One night we took the bus to Hurghada and were dropped at a touristic marina.
We took a taxi to the centre where we had a nice Arabic dinner and we walked back through some real local streets.
I just love to take pictures of all those local shops.
A hotel shot again, early in the morning before the whole hi-di-ho started
Look who came for a visit...................
We spent our time at the beach. The swimming pools were close and the kids knew where to find us.
And yes I did the half pipe and all the slides as well ;)
I had to cry twice this holiday...........
In the aircraft when I saw Hachi (for the 2nd time)
and when I read KJ's BEAUTIFUL book on the beach.
(please note my bookmark also ;))
My husband cried the same tears for the same reasons.......
If you haven't seen the movie yet, you have missed something!
And if you haven't read the book, order it here!
A nap at the beach. And last but not least ........ Look at this special award I got from my best friend Emily !
It is good to be back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We had a good time! Lovely weather (between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius) I guess that is between 86 and 104 F.
My kind of weather.
We had a week in which we relaxed and enjoyed each others company.
Have to get back on my diet again.........
I am thankful we had such a good time, and that we arrived safely home again as 61 Dutch passengers didn't...........
I am thankful to be home again with all my beloved animals around me.
Things are back to normal. It is still (too) cold here, but everything is so beautiful green.
I have to catch up with everything and everybody, but at the same time I am busy preparing a mandala workshop for Saturday, so please be patient with me.......
Hope you have a lot to be thankful for!
Happy Thankful Thursday!


  1. It is so good to have you back Marianne!! I missed you.

    This is such a wonderful post with all the holiday photos and I know Sjimmie was the happiest to see you. What a doll he is.

    Welcome back.

  2. Love your photos. Welcome back home! Our Turtle doesn't like our grandson's Diesel, either! He's a big, black German shepherd.

  3. Du warst so vermisst!!!!! Aber nicht so viel wie der Sjimmie!
    I know he is thrilled you are back! (As are your other Furry Ones!)

    The photos are exotic, gorgeous, yet lots of hotel ammenities.... my kind of trip! You have a lovely family - how wonderful for everyone to holiday together! These trips will remain beautiful memories forever... nice to return home to lovely LOLO gifts and Marian gifts.

    Lastly - that Emily Rabbit - she knows how to award - awards! You are so deserving!

    Welcome Back!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Oh gosh, Marianne, it wasn't the same here without you around!!! It looks like a holiday in heaven there!
    My SIL just gave me the movie Hatchi to watch...I've been avoiding it cause I know I am gonna be blubbering (not good for my stuffy allergic sinuses)!!! LOL. I will watch it tonight though now!!!

    Are all of those kids yours??????? They are beautiful children! I seriously don't know how you do all that you do, girl!

    That pool was devine! Glad you got to read two books! How awesome!

    Most of all, I, too, am so grateful you all got back home safely!!!!!!!!

    xoxo- Julie

  5. Wow, Marianne! Such a nice post! Looks like you had a really wonderful time. You always have wonderful times.
    Your cards are simply beautiful.
    That looks like a good movie, and who doesn't love Richard Gere, but I don't want to watch it if it's going to make me cry. Dog movies always make me cry. :)
    Welcome back home!

  6. I had to come and look. Wow, my bookmark was in Egypt! How neat that you took it.

  7. Welcome home! So glad you enjoyed yourselves and are home safely. I guess I might have to break down and see that movie... but I suspect I will need an entire box of tissues. That Haachi looks just like my boy, Rusty.

  8. ah, marianne, i love you to the moon and back!

    i'm so glad you had a great vacation and so glad you are snugly home.

    your pictures and your family are so great!

  9. I am so happy to see a post by you Marianne. I just felt sick when I heard about all of those people from the Netherlands not making it home. SAD. Your vacation on the other hand looks fabulous. I bet you did have a great time. Such wonderful sights and great company.

  10. oh heavenly vacation Marianne!!! so wonderful to see you had such a great time....that is what it's all about!!!! these photos are wonderful!!!

    I think I will need a vacation soon!!!


  11. Welcome home! What absolutely treasured photos...such beautiful memories and lots of good family love.

  12. Lovely photos and glad to have you back. It does seem empty when you are away!!!

  13. Oh my, what a beautiful place!!
    And look how tan and healthy you look. I'm as white as a ghost!

    I loved seeing you read KJ's book :)

    How funny we both bought you a card from the same artist! I love the one she bought you. It looks just like Sjimmie!

    It's good to have you back. Enjoy your mandala class. I'll email you later on how to do an Etsy treasury.


  14. beautiful photographs you have taken! It's always nice to do something different than usual on holidays,when you get back you get more motivated to your art work.


  15. am so glad you had such a wonderful time and you look so well and rested too. missed you lots.

  16. Zo te zien heb je een heerlijke vakantie gehad! Lekker hoor.
    Het was er in ieder geval een stuk warmer dan het hier was. Maar ik geloof dat het hier inmiddels ook weer een beetje op voorjaar begint te lijken.

    Liefs uit Wissenkerke

  17. Welcoe back Marianne - we've missed you for sure!! Looks like you had a lovely relaxing time there. What a beautiful family - I can see Mama in those children of yours!!

  18. So glad your home safily with your precious family......
    Going for our last walk in sunny(at last) france,and beaudor found Sjimmie in sauve,tell later.
    We drive home from home tomorrow,and i have to say I found a friend in Lolo to..... Thanx Lovely, precious,dear our just Marianne the name says it all.

    xxxMar and a hug from B.

  19. So much to read, I am so glad you have recharged during a carefree super duper holiday.
    Great time out enjoying life the relaxed way with family. Happy kids...Happy reading time....Happy meals...
    Award from Emily, gifts from lolo and Miriam.

    Awesome is the word.
    Thanks for always with me.
    Yes, I was thinking of Sjimmie while painting the cat digitally.

    Wow and you know yeah...He..He...

    Take care and bye!


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